It’s back to school ladies. Time to get organized for the year ahead. Getting your dorm rooms or flats ready. Your supplies in order, your outfits on point, and your hairstyles set.

So, it’s time we talked about getting the best and easiest back to school hairstyles. Here’s a list of our favorites and how you can rock the looks with the perfect natural hair wig.


High ponytail

Super trendy, quick and easy to do. It’s the gorgeous high ponytail for back to school. Step the style up a notch by adding a deep side part (easily done if you have a full lace or frontal wig).

Or you could pull off an Ariana ponytail with a high side part and single section leave out.

You could also do a half ponytail using a long wig like this long, virgin hair wig with highlights for extra length.


Face-framing updo

Leave the face-framing sections out – that’s two sections of hair on either side of your face. Then loosely gather the rest of the hair up into a high ponytail and secure into a messy bun. Use hair elastic and hair pins to ensure the style stays in place. You can then curl the face-framing sections to add a sleekness to the look.

If you’re doing this style with a wig, make sure the wig has a high-quality lace front with invisi-scalp that’s suitable to your skin tone so the up-do looks natural. If you’re worried about the cap showing, you can just pull down a bit of the hair in the back for it to look/blend a bit more seamlessly. After all, it’s a messy bun, so it won’t be a sleek and tight updo.


Sleek middle part

This classic look is the ultimate back to school hairstyle. It’s another easy to do yet versatile style that works well with almost any outfit that you’ve probably already put together for classes or those fun outings. All you need to do is make a deep center part, and flat iron your hair sleekly down.

You can also quickly style the look with a pop of color (especially as fall’s coming up) with a wig like Nina, a sleek shoulder-length bob with brunette highlights.


Face-framing layers

Money piece with layers is the ultimate statement style for back to school – whether you’re attending classes or teaching them. This is also one of the easiest styles to get with a wig.

If you’re doing a face-framing style with long hair, add a bit of color with a wig like our Isabella blonde hair glueless lace wig. With different shades of blonde, the money-piece highlights at the front just enhances your features and draws attention to your face. With the layers and curls, it’s the perfect option for special days and occasions at school.


Straight wig hairstyle

As one of our customers favorite’s (it’s made several of our bestseller’s lists) you can’t go wrong with Victoria, our pre-plucked straight hair wig. And why is it a perfect back-to-school hairstyle? Because you can pair it with just about any outfit and wear it for any occasion. It’s versatile so you don’t need to worry about whether it's appropriate for whatever you might need to do at school.


Kinky straight hair

Wearing your hair in its full-on afro-texture is a freeing choice. Our naturally kinky texture is just absolutely gorgeous to see. If you want to showcase ‘your’ hair while protecting your natural hair, then grab a kinky wig and style it for back to school.

So go on, bring out your kinky self with an afrolista kinky hairstyle. All you need is this 100% natural hair kinky wig, straightened or curled. It’s up to you.


Short and sexy

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance look – after all school is hectic all on its own – then a short bob is perfect for you. You can quickly freshen or change up your look with a bob wig if you’ve been sporting a long look and want a change. You can even do that without having to cut your own hair and worry about styling each day.

So, grab a curly bob wig or sleek and straight, quickly install, and you’re good to go. No long process and you’ll still be looking fabulous in class, walking across campus, or hanging out with your batch or work mates.


Curly and blonde

Make it a curly back to school with a bit of blonde. It’s definitely the type of style you’d want if you’d like to stand out. Not long loose curls, but in true curly girl fashion. Get a beach blonde curly hair wig and make the process of styling for school so much easier.


What’s your easy back-to-school hairstyle?

There you have it – 8 of our favorite and easy back to school hairstyles. And all of them easily styled using one of our Hairvivi virgin hair wigs. So, whether you want to look casual or professional, have fun, teach a class or beat the books, you can have an amazing time at school and look fabulous too.

So let us know. Which of these favorites will you be rocking this school year?

September 09, 2022


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