In honor of World Earth Day, Hairvivi is proud to reaffirm our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Understanding the Impact

From the extraction of raw materials to manufacturing and transportation, every stage of wig production can leave a significant carbon footprint.

Efforts have been made by Hairvivi

SUSTAINABILITY is our value,

  • PLANT-BASED DYES, reduce our reliance on limited resources, and strive to minimize our environmental impact.

        CRYSTIANA Blonde Wig

  • CHOOSING RECYCLABLE PACKAGING,we promote a recycled economy,which helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources.


  • Eco-Friendly Transport, we are partner ship with DHL for green shipping by using sustainable aviation fuel(SAF).


  • USING REAL HUMAN HAIR, Combined with our drive to innovate, it propels us forward on the path of humanitarianism and environmental protection.

            RYLEE wig with Curtain bangs

  • Join the movement



    To celebrate The World Earth Day, the first 100 people will get a set of hair bundles as a gift on the 22nd April.


    Join Hairvivi in protecting environment and celebrating Earth Day every day.

April 19, 2024


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