At Hairvivi, What you need is always what we are doing. We are aiming to provide the best wig to everyone. Our wigs are more than just ready to wear, they're the embodiment of natural beauty and quality craftsmanship. We invest a considerable amount of time in crafting each wig, treating them as precious treasures. 

Crafted with the utmost care, each one is a treasure. each of our products undergo meticulous processing and treatment, and all raw materials used in our wigs are thoroughly tested to ensure they are environmentally friendly. 

  1. All Hairvivi lace wigs are Made from 100% virgin human hair with full volume, And subject to strict quality inspections. 
  2. Crafted with the utmost care &  most strict quality control, Hairvivi wigs are made with the largest 13x6 lace size for any styling needs. 
  3. The highest quality lace materials: Hairvivi HD LACE WIGS are made of the thinnest & most invisible materials and have Multi-color to meet different demands. 
  4. Pre-plucked hairline & Clean Bleached knots have the most natural appearance on all skin tones -cappuccino, Mocha, and Honey perfectly. 
  5. After continuous upgrading, comfortable and high-end materials are selected. Hairvivi’s new piano keys cloud-soft elastic band provides you with the most comfortable & snug fit. No headaches when worn for long periods.

Hairvivi invests a substantial amount of time to care into crafting each product, striving to drive the best wigs to our valued customers. Our wig factory, established in 2010, laid the foundation for the Hairvivi brand, which was later founded in 2016. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality solutions for individuals facing hair challenges or seeking a conventional way to transform their appearance and boost their confidence. 

When you choose your wigs, you're choosing a product that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. Over the past seven years, we have dedicated ourselves to producing and innovating premium lace wigs. We take pride in sourcing our wigs directly from girls living in southern China mountains and South Asia. We are committed to ethical and responsible practices, ensuring that we only exchange hair through verified distributors in a free and fair manner. 

This not only guarantees the quality of our products but also supports the livelihoods of those who contribute to our exceptional wigs. Along this journey, we are proud to have garnered a large and loyal customer base who trust in our commitment to quality and excellence. This statement captures our brand's history, dedication to quality, and the trust that we've earned from our customers. Our story, the craftsmanship of wigs.

December 01, 2023


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  • High-rated by 800k Customers: Trustpilot Score 4.7
  • Ready-to-wear Glueless Wigs: Beginner-friendly, install in seconds.
  • Craftsmanship: All are crafted with the utmost care, each one is a treasure.