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Vogue has posted the key trends of Spring & Summer 2024 , Let’s see how magic advice they gav e and how good our wigs fit for!

Short shorts

The hairstyle for wearing short shorts should preferably be of medium length. Transitioning with slightly longer hair blends the shorts visually with the upper body more effectively, and opting for a natural and glossy hairstyle enhances the presence of the upper body even more!

The hairstyle of models in short shorts more like in mid-length hair, thus we recommend our mid-length wig, for example:

Janice Pre-Plucked Curly Hair Wig 

Georgia Middle Part Wig 

White noise


This style embodies a clean and casual vibe, corresponding to a hairstyle that is more relaxed and glossy. Some of Hairvivi's wigs are recommended like:

The glossy shine and casual vibe of these two wigs are perfectly suited for the white noise aesthetic. Their dense thickness and fluffiness align perfectly with the relaxed and airy feel sought after in white noise.

Smell the roses

"Smell the roses" is a style meant to evoke a romantic feeling, with the scent of flowers filling the air.

However, due to the exaggerated design of the clothing and the presence of flowers, the choice of hairstyle should be simpler and less conspicuous.

For example, our Nevaeh Natural Black Bob Wig. Its original style is a right-side part, but due to the natural lace and faux scalp, wearers can freely style it. Despite being a basic bob wig, Nevaeh's texture and shine rival longer wigs, and its clean, simple style is perfect for the "Smell the Roses" collection. In a collection featuring large rose flowers, choosing a textured yet understated wig doesn't steal the spotlight but perfectly completes a show-stopping look.

Polo club

The trend of Polo Club is more playful and creative, suitable for seasons with rich colors such as spring and summer. Therefore, when it comes to hairstyle choices, there can be more diversity and versatility in styling.

For example, Our Crystiana Blonde Wig, and the length is from 12"-22"  e.g. style is 16". you can freely change the style as you want, and the color is so charming when you were a creative suit.

Also we have Cecilia Chocolate Brown Ombre Human hair, and Its combination of chocolate brown ombre and light brown highlights creates a dimensional and glamorous appearance that will turn heads wherever you go. Prepare to fall in love with the magic it brings to your overall style!

Transparent skirt

The trend of transparent chiffon skirts has been escalating, with their allure of sensuality and mystique. To complement this, it's advisable to pair them with a center-parted, longer-length straight hairstyle. This not only adds to the feminine appeal but also balances out the exposure brought about by some chiffon skirts. For instance, our brand's wigs can achieve this effect seamlessly.

We have two wigs that perfectly complement the style of the Transparent Skirt. One is the Rylee wig with Curtain bangs, featuring beautiful loose waves paired with curtain bangs that add plenty of volume and movement. Its 18-inch length perfectly emphasizes the feminine softness we aim to highlight, presenting an overall chic and natural vibe.

The other option is the Mia-Thick 180% Density Wig. Mia is a thick and luxurious wig with natural curves, suitable for most people. Its clean plucking at the hairline and nearly straight design help balance out the sexiness brought by the transparent skirt. Moreover, Mia's characteristics make it easier for the wearer to style, making it a versatile and classy option.




Fashion is meant to serve people, and the trends of fashion can be showcased through our styling. Different hairstyles correspond to different trends, and only by harmonizing styles can fashion be integrated into life. Hairvivi offers a variety of wig styles for you to choose from, so you can follow the footsteps of fashion and discover the new trends of Spring/Summer 2024!


April 05, 2024


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