New Year, new you? Awesome if it is, and amazing if you’re working on your current you. But one thing is sure – the new year always brings an opportunity for change. And what better way to embrace these changes than a new look?

As we start working on our goals for the new year and beyond, sometimes it requires us to take a new approach to life. And as simple as changing up our looks can be, it is a serious impetus for change. Just a new cut, new style or a new color can do so much for our self-esteem and confidence. A new hairstyle can give us a new lease on life.

So, if you’re ready for a change and you’re wondering what the hottest hairstyles are right now, we’ve got you covered. We know the 2023 hairstyle inspo that’ll get you excited for the year ahead.

Here are 7 hair trends for 2023 you’re going to want to jump on ASAP.

The haircut trends for 2023 

The big chop is often taken as a sign of change. More subtle cuts (layers, bangs) can do the same without as much impact on your hair. If you’re looking for a change in 2023 and want a haircut in line with current trends, here are 3 styles to consider.


Bobs are a favorite 2023 hair trend

It’s gonna be #bobseason all year long. Apart from the many “new year new cut” looks across Instagram and TikTok, magazines like Vogue, Glam, and Oprah are all predicting bobs to be among the favorites this year. From soft bobs to blunt cuts, the look is timeless and ageless.

Ready to try out the style yourself? For the “it’s giving a fresh cut” look, you’ll want to get our timeless choice – a lace front bob (all black).


Bangs are in (even the celebs are on board)

Celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, recently posted several new shots of his clients Khloe Kardashian and JLo. Khloe is sporting a new bang with long tresses, something like our own long wigs but with a shorter bang. For JLo, it’s more of a glam look with long tresses like this long natural hair brown wig right here.

Now, with some comments asking what type of clip-in bangs he used for Khloe’s “Something different ✂️” look, we know you’d love that option too. Here are our favorite clip-in bang hair extensions, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your own hair or wig trying to get the look.

Long Layers are not going out of style for 2023

Like both hairstyles showcased by Andrew, long layers will be in. And our customers love those looks too. The versatility in styling, body, and movement all make for a stunning (and, yes, glamorous) style that’ll take you through 2023.

You can try a variety of long hairstyles, with or without blunt bangs, curtain bangs, or money pieces. You decide what style suits who you intend to be this year and your plans for the period.

Browse our top-selling long natural hair wig collection to see which is just the right glam for you. Or, if you can’t decide just yet, review the 2023 hair color trends below to get an idea of what to get.

Hair color trends in for 2023 

Changing your hair color can give you a new lease on life. Don’t believe us? Just try it and see.


Barbie Blonde

Margot Robbie’s Barbie will be released in July 2023. And, if her performance is anything like her iconic portrayal of Harley Quinn, we know Barbie Blonde will be the color to rock.

It’s already started. So, if there’s one look to try in 2023, it’s platinum blonde. So, get ready to channel your inner Barbie.

And if you’re not up to bleaching and dying your hair for this look, then our Hadley is the perfect platinum blonde wig for you.


Sun-kissed Auburn Brown

As we go into 2023, many of us are looking for calmness and grounding. That’s one of the effects of different shades of brown. It’s all about bringing warmth and earthiness to our lives as we embrace yet another year. And this warm hue and combination of colors are versatile and can be adapted to any lifestyle or event.

It’s no surprise we’re seeing stylists indicating an increase in requests for shades of browns – styles like Ayla, a beautifully layered auburn brown wig. Want to see a similar styles in action? Eva Mendes just dyed her hair what Allure calls the “prettiest shade of auburn” – just like Ayla’s.

But if you’d prefer much shorter hairstyles, consider an auburn brown bob like this one. The beauty and meaning of the shades of brown are probably also why one of our most popular styles is this bob lace front with brown highlights.

Hairstyle trends to try this year

Now that you know what cuts and colors will be in for 2023, it’s time to try these styling options. Here are a couple of the hairstyle trends to inspire you for 2023.


Deep side parts 

From magazine covers to red carpets, deep side parts are making their way into mainstream styling. Give it a go if you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of this flattering hairstyle that’s quite easy to get with a high-quality lace front wig.


Blowouts and curls 

With the popularity of the Dyson hair dryer and heated rollers in 2022, naturally, big hair and curls became a thing. (We see you TikTok ladies and your glam hairstyles). It’s continuing into 2023, and we’re ready for this trend.

So, check out our curly hairstyles (and natural hair wigs designed to handle heat once you follow the best haircare practices).

Which hairstyle is it for you for 2023?

From stylist predictions to what we know in-house, we’re sure this list will have you looking and feeling your best for 2023.

Plus, we also have a few new wig arrivals in the bag. And best believe they all fit the 2023 hair trends. All. Of. Them. That’s why our customers stay winning. Hairvivi stays on top of what’s happening, and the trends to follow, offering only timeless, classic, and trending styles.

Shop our new arrivals or Hairvivi staples and see that you’ll be well ready for anything 2023 will send your way.

January 07, 2023


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