What do your skin tone, skin undertone, and eye color have to do with choosing your next wig and hair color?

Only what hair color would look best against your skin.

Choosing a hair color can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many options, and then there’s the age-old question – which one will suit you best? You want to make sure you get a color that fits your skin tone. Because even us darker-skinned ladies have more differences than just our complexion. We can have different undertones from someone whose skin looks just like ours.

You need to take into consideration your skin tone AND undertone when choosing a hair color that’ll perfectly complement your skin.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect hair color for your color season.

Getting to know your skin

Skin tone is often described as fair, medium, or dark. But when it comes to colors that will suit you, the key is your skin undertone. This is the subtle hue under the surface color of your skin. This color stays the same even as your skin tone – the surface color – can change due to tanning, etc.

There are three undertone colors – warm, cool, and neutral. And yes, even darker-skinned ladies can be of any of the three undertones.

Getting to know this undertone color helps in choosing makeup, jewelry, clothing, and hair color.

So, how do you determine the undertone of your skin?

Check your veins

While in natural light, look at the color of the veins at your wrist. If they have a green hue, then it’s likely you have a warm undertone. If the color is more on the blue or purple side, then you have a cool undertone.

See how you are in the sun

Your skin undertone is …

… warm if you normally tan nicely when in the sun.

… cool if you tend to sunburn easily.

… neutral if there’s more of a combination, but more on the side of rarely burning. 

Compare yourself against a white surface

Use a white towel or a white wall to highlight your undertones. Look in the mirror to see what colors show while standing against a white wall or hanging a white towel around your neck. Make sure you’re not wearing any makeup, and your face is fresh and clean.

Using this comparison, your undertones will include golden, yellow, or peach colors if you’re a warm. If you’re seeing blue, pink, or red, then you have a cool undertone. If you get a mixture of these colors or a distinctive lack of them, then you’re a neutral.

Try the clothing and jewelry test

If all else fails, you can see what you look like in colors and jewelry. For example, silver jewelry looks better on cool undertones, while gold looks better on warm undertones. If you try different colors of clothing, you’ll find that if you’re a cool undertone, blues, greens, and purples look best on you. Browns, reds, oranges, and yellows look great on warm undertones.

So, got your skin undertone now? Time to choose the perfect hair color for your wig. And you can do so too by matching your hair color with your color seasons.

Choosing your hair color by your color seasons

The four seasons color theory is based on the 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You determine your color season based on (1) the undertone of your skin, your eye color, and (2) your overall coloring and your original/natural hair color.

So, if your skin tone and hair have a warm undertone, you would be classified as an Autumn or a Spring according to the color season. If you have a cool undertone with your hair being on the ashier side, then you’re more than like a Summer or Winter.   

It’s not about the temperature of the season because you know summers can get very warm. So, summer and winter are considered cool while spring and autumn tend more to warm colors.

Hair colors for cool skin undertones

If you have a cool undertone, you’ll want to choose colors that look flattering against your skin or contrast – depending on your complexion. If you’re on the lighter side, you should look at colors that minimize the redness undertone. So, try warm reds and golden blondes. Ash type colors work best if you’re a darker complexion with a cool undertone.

Best hair colors if you’re an autumn type (cool)

Autumn is great for dark brown, red, auburn shades like Noelle HD lace wig with brown highlights. You can also do red and gold highlights. Ash blonde wigs like Isabella work well with darker skinned ladies who have a cool undertone.

Best hair colors if you’re a winter type (cool)

Winter should see medium to dark or ash brown, or you could go with ash or blush black. Red and gold highlights work best if you’re a lighter shade. Try brunette/shades of brown wigs to complement your skin undertone.

Hair colors for warm skin undertones

When you’re looking at hair color, you’ll want to choose colors that give your skin a natural glow. Reddish tones, cool and ashy colors like honey, and certain shades of rich browns and blondes do well here. Certain shades of black, including jet black also do well for warm tones.

Best hair colors if you’re a summer type (warm)

For summer, you’re going to want to go with light ash blonde to medium ash brown. Reds and gold highlights wouldn’t be ideal for this color season. So, try a brown highlight wig like Trinity, which has several shades of brown with the defining one being closer to a medium ash brown.

Best hair colors if you’re a spring type (warm)

Like the season, you should be looking towards warmer tones. This includes light golden blonde to medium brown with gold highlights, like a honey blonde highlight wig.

So, what about neutrals?

You’re the versatile lady. Everything looks awesome on you.

You can pretty much rock any color you want and what undertones in your skin you’d like to highlight. So, you’ll enjoy choosing from a variety of lace front wigs in any style or color you’d like.

Choosing colors for visual contrast

You want colors that complement your skin and highlight your best assets like your eyes or skin color.

You don’t want to choose hair colors that too closely match your complexion, as this means your beautiful features will disappear. For example, choosing a contrasting color can have your eye color popping or a similar color will make them disappear. You can always opt for a contrasting color to your skin undertone. For example, if you’re a cooler undertone, you can choose warm colors for contrast and vice versa.

Choosing your hair color for your color season

Autumn 🍂🍁 = warm skin undertone

Winter ❄️🌨 = cool skin undertone

Spring 🌸🌷 = warm skin undertone

Summer 🌞= cool skin undertone

Now that you’ve gone through our complete seasonal guide for finding the perfect hair color for you, it’s over to you. This isn’t to say that you must choose the colors we recommend. It’s all up to you and sometimes, what you love goes against the grain.

So, do you and enjoy your hair. And if you do need a little guidance on what colors to choose, start with your color season and Hairvivi wigs for the perfect complement to your personal style.

August 26, 2022


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