When that save-the-date hits your inbox or arrives in the mail, it’s time to anticipate serving the wedding look. With the date in mind, you could easily end up down a rabbit hole searching for the perfect hair idea for the big day. Not to worry. We’ve compiled this list of 9 wig-friendly wedding hairstyles for brides and guests. With this list of wedding hairstyle suggestions, we promise you that you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you start preparing your outfit and everything needed for that special occasion.

Whether you want an elegant and intricate hairstyle or something on the edgier side, we have the trending wedding wig hairstyles you need to know.

Wedding hairstyles for brides and their bridesmaids

Here comes the bride … and her gorgeous hairstyle and stunning dress!

That’s what we’re aiming for on your wedding day. Yes, you’re responsible for the venue, the vows, and finding the dress you’ll say yes to. But it all ties into the hairstyle you’ll rock for your big day. So, make sure to have the discussion early with your stylist on what you want for the big day.

It helps if you come prepared with a few styles for discussion, even if you plan on wearing a wig. It also helps to know how well they’ll work with the dress or suit you’ve chosen so everything is seamless and beautiful for the day. So, here are 5 romantic hairstyles to consider for your special day.


1. Romantic beachy waves

All you’ll need to enhance this beauty is a hairspray, straightening iron, and heat protectant. Or you can get Jasmine, our body wave lace front wig already styled with beachy waves for the win. This beauty can be styled with a side or middle part. You can also achieve the beachy wave look (pre-styled) with Victoria, a wavy black HD lace wig.

As a beachy wave hairstyle, she gives a romantic vibe that’s perfect for the wedding atmosphere.


2. Center part with loose curls

Create a center part and loosely curl the hair. You get an effortless look that’ll have you being the fab one at your wedding. It’ll work well for wearing a veil and then transitioning to no veil for the reception.

You can also consider styling it away from your face with clips to the side for a picture-perfect look and fun on the dance floor. Try it with April, a natural-looking frontal wig or Mia, a wavy human hair wig that’ll hold her curls well into the night.


3. Low bun with a sideswept part

With a low bun, you can securely attach your veil into the bun. But the sideswept style – especially if you have a little coming over into the forehead – you’ll enhance the look. Or you can leave a few tendrils loose on the sides for natural framing. The latter is a great styling technique for a loose, swept-back hairstyle. Try any of the long wigs we have in our wedding wigs collection to create this look.


4. Messy braid

No, this doesn’t mean a messy hairstyle. It’s a playful and romantic style just right for the occasion. Wear the braid down your back or over one shoulder. Either way, you’ll have a style that’s simply stunning for your big day. Haven is a great blonde highlight wig to try this look. The blonde highlights will enhance the braid and you can add accessories to it to enhance the style.

For the front you have so many options - sideswept bang, loose tendrils to the side, fancy clips. A variety of ways to bring out the romance of a beautiful braid to accent your look on your big day.


5. French twist

You may need the help of a stylist to achieve the right French twist. But your Hairvivi wig will ensure to make their job much easier. You’ll need a straightened wig that you can part and clip to the side with your bangs. With Rylee, you would need to straighten her loose waves to get the right look. But April or Mia in our wedding wig collection would help you or your stylist quickly achieve the look.


Wedding hairstyles for guests

Now onto the people that make a wedding fun.

As a guest, you want to look your best for those lifelong memories – wedding photos, Instagram, the wedding video. So, here are 4 wedding guest-approved hairstyles for any wedding, whether beachfront, chapel, or destination. They will certainly complement the event without overshadowing the bride.


6. Side part or side ponytail

Wearing a longer, curly hair to the side is a classic wedding hairstyle. You can either have one sideswept curls into a ponytail where you sweep the hair to one side and pin it behind your ear on the other side. Or wear it loose over the shoulder. You can always enhance this look or any other even further with a fascinator, bedazzled hair combs, or faux flowers.

Try the look with Noelle, a brown highlights wig, or Amy, a brown wig with blonde highlights.


7. Long loose curls

When done right, loose curls give a sophisticated flair, the ideal look you want to go for when attending a wedding.

If your hair is more on the kinky side, and you prefer a wig that matches that texture, we recommend one of our wedding faves – this yaki wig with waves and layers. Check out this quick run-through by YouTuber Beauty by Bemi, who shows you how to quickly style your Hairvivi wig and get your face beat for that special occasion. You can see how easy it is to get ready without the help of a stylist.


8. Half up half down

This Queen B signature style may not seem like an ideal wedding hairstyle, but here’s why it works. This is a simple yet elegant style that just needs the right outfit. Add a bit of loose waves to the ends and that’s it. You’re ready for the ceremony, the reception dance floor, and all the fun.

It requires a longer length hair, so we recommend any from our wedding wig collection to achieve this look. Or choose from Eta, a long blonde natural hair wig with HD lace, or Julia, a long brown HD Swiss lace wig with 180% density for this style.


9. A chic bob

Not your typical wedding style, but when you want to look extra sophisticated, a bob is a must. But not just any bob will do. In our estimation, you need something like Bryanna, a short bob wig with a brown money piece highlight that lets you showcase your cheekbones, shoulders, and gorgeous outfit.


Choosing a wedding hairstyle definitely starts with the right wedding wig

Your hair is your crowning glory after all, and should definitely look the part – whether you’re standing at the altar or cheering from the seats. It’s not just the outfits that should shine, but also your hair. And remember, the hairstyle you choose should not only complement your outfit but also reflect your personality.

That’s the easy part with our pre-plucked, pre-bleached and pre-styled wigs – ticking all the boxes for a ready-to-wear-out-the-box style for your wedding. Plus, you can always spring for a glueless install wig and follow this quick demo here to get the wig installed and ready to wear in less than 10 minutes.

So, cheers to saying, “I do!” as Hairvivi is here to help you look your best when you do. Because finding a hairstyle that is uniquely you has never been easier.

June 16, 2023


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