For many women of color, the art of styling your baby hair can seem a little daunting.

You see your favorite celebs with intricate baby hair styles and sleek edges you so badly want to replicate. So, how do you get these slick and sleek stylings to stay in place and keep those baby hairs down?

Well not to worry. Laying your baby hair can be an easy process, no matter your hair styling skills.

If you’ve ever wondered, what can I do with my hairline or baby hairs, you’re in the right place. You can get them swooped, sculpted, or more with these 6 popular baby hair styles.

6 Popular ‘Baby Hair’ Styles and How to Get Them

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on your baby hair styles: regular brush, your edges brush, a toothbrush, a rattail comb, your favorite edge control, styling gel, and/or holding spray.

For most of these 6 styles, you can either use your styling gel only, or use your edge control with the styling gel or holding spray applied on top for a firmer hold.

Stylist tip: For each of these styles, tying a silk or satin scarf along your edges after styling for 15-30 minutes will ensure the style stays in place. If you’re short on time, grab your blow dryer on a low heat setting to get the style dried faster. If using the dryer, use you finger to keep the style in place.

1. Sideswept lines

One of the easiest and quickest baby hair styles to create, this only requires you to:

  • Use your toothbrush or baby hair comb to separate and brush down all the baby hairs along your hairline towards your face.
  • Then using a harder brush, swipe the hairs into a line from your forehead down to your ear with a very small swivel.
  • Use the point of your rattail comb for better edge definition when complete.

2. Waves and more waves

To style deeper waves in your baby hair, you should:

  • Brush the baby hair forward along your hairline
  • Working from the center of your forehead down on either side, use your toothbrush or edge brush with edge control or styling gel in it, and start creating your waves
  • Swoop down, curl back towards your hairline, and using your finger to hold the style in place, continue curling in a similar motion
  • You can add hair from the swoop above to the one below for a s-wave and the look of one continuous wave from forehead to ear.

3. Side-swept swoops

Another simple and easy-to-do style is the side-swept swoop. To get started:

  • Brush the baby hair forward along your hairline
  • Working from the center of your forehead down on either side, use your toothbrush or edge brush with edge control or styling gel in it, start creating your swoops.
  • Swipe down, sweep up while using the fingers of your other hand to keep the style in place
  • Create as many swoops as can fit depending on how big or small you’ve done them

4. Face-framing curls with braids

This works well with big or small box braids or putting your hair up in a ponytail or high puff.

To get the look:

  • Use your edge brush your baby hairs forward while separating them
  • Next, create mini swoops by smoothing your baby hairs in a small, circular motion
  • Use the point of your rattail comb to then mold the sides into s-shaped curls

5. Sculpted and studded baby hairs

These bedazzled edges look is one for our more experienced baby hair ladies. To get going:

  • Leave out your baby hair and brush forward to your forehead
  • Working in small sections using your edge comb/rattail comb and your fingers, create a small swirl that combine at the end with a single tip. Do this for each swirl.
  • Use your finger to help smooth the hair down while you are swooping, and the tip of your rattail comb to get a defined curl at the end of each swirl.
  • Use the point of your rat tail comb to sculpt and define the swoops so there’s no hair out of place. You can also create little designs inside the swoops with the tail of the comb for a bit more definition.
  • At the end of each of your curls, add one or two rhinestones for a dramatic flair.

6. Subtle waves/curls

Sometimes you want a very simple, everyday look that’s easy to do. Well, with this style, you can add these simple yet elegant curls to your favorite wig. To get the look, simply:

  • Brush your edges forward leaving the center intact.
  • Then using your edge brush, do a small swoop and curl down towards your ear. The swoop should be small so as not to be too dramatic.

Baby Hair Styling No-Nos

Before you get started on styling your baby hairs, here are a couple of things to know.

  • Avoid oil-based edge controls – if you want the style to last

If you’re going to style your edges you want them to last the day or night. That won’t happen with oil-based edge controls. You’ll sweat through this edge control in no time.

  • Think twice about water-based gels – if you’re a naturalista

If you’re sporting a pressed hairstyle, a water-based gel could cause your natural hair to revert to its curly state.

  • Don’t use too much holding gel

If you want your baby hairs to look mad greasy then go for it. But if you want your styles to be gorgeous and sleek, then a little goes a long way if you’re using a quality edge control or holding gel.

Shop the look – Wigs for Baby Hair Styling

You can also make it even easier on yourself by getting wigs already designed to make baby hair an art.

For example, our Janice pre-plucked curly hair wig makes it easy to add side-swept swoops or endless waves.

Of, if you’re going for a softer baby hair look, Kylie human hair bob wig makes it easy for a seamless baby hair style.

So, go ahead and get ready for on your forehead with our easy-to-style natural hair wigs.

June 04, 2022


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