Summer is in full swing, so you know what time it is – time to embrace the vibrant energy of the season and breathe some color into our styles. And what’s more fun and fabulous than adding a splash or more of color to our hairstyles.

It’s time to ditch the monotony and embrace color without the permanent commitment or damage to your hair. That’s right. It’s time for Hairvivi’s best colored wigs for summer. Where you can get the ultimate sunkissed, beach blonde looks without the fuss.

Here are our (and soon to be yours) top 9 colored wigs for a sizzling summer. (Yes, these are only 9 of the many fabulous and loved colored wigs we have in store for you.)

9 Sunkissed summer wig recommendations you’ll love

1. All of the lights – a blonde wig for summer that stands out

Yes, it’s a blonde wig. But … you get different shades depending on the lighting. It’s like having three wigs in one as her shades transition slightly in outdoor vs indoor lighting.

If you want a blonde wig that gets you compliments like – “I thought it was your real hair,” then you definitely need to get Vivian, our blonde human hair wig with transparent HD lace. She’s a rooty beige blonde that straddles that perfect line between golden and ashy – just the right shade for all skin tones.


2. Beige blonde wig with dark roots

Crystiana is another of our favorite blonde wigs for summer. This sunkissed beauty captures the look of the sun-lightened hair for the ultimate California cool look. You can see the lighter shades of blonde throughout, and the darker roots give the illusion of natural hair growing out. The color combination is on the right side of perfect for summer.


3. A hint of color – HD Swiss lace wig with blonde and brown highlights

Not ready to throw caution to the wind and go all out with color? Not to worry. We have several colored wigs which feature just highlights.

Wigs like Izzie, a lace front with waves. She’s the perfect highlights wig for summer fun. She delivers on the natural look aesthetic, the lace melts seamlessly, and the money piece and other color highlights are exactly what you need for a colorful summer.


4. More hints of summer – rooty natural black wig with blonde and brown highlights

The money piece caramel blonde highlight is one of the many stunning focal points of this lusciously wavy black/brown/blonde wig. So, as you get ready to enjoy a fun-filled summer, make sure you have Amy along for the ride. We promise she will not let you down.


5. Summer-ready ombre blonde wig

Feel absolutely glamorous from workday to date night to vacations and more. As one customer puts it, this is her work/date/travel buddy.

With Olena, understated elegance for summer is the name of the game. She’s an ombre blonde color wig featuring waves that stand out in any setting.


6. A *million likes* for this ombre blonde wig for summer

That’s what one of our ultra satisfied clients wanted to give this ombre blonde wig. (Check out the review from Brittany to see what we mean).

Senna is the ultimate ombre blonde summer wig for all the right reasons. The color is the sunkissed blonde you’ve come to love. And she fits in with every plan you have for the season and beyond. Her subtle waves and carefree style are what any woman of any age will enjoy wearing again and again.


7. Blonde wig with bangs for more summer fun

Do blondes have more fun? Only time will tell. But you’ll definitely find out when you order your blonde wig with bangs.

Brighten your summer with Marigold, a vivid and cheerful brown to blonde ombre wig ready to help you serve your favorite fashion looks. Available from 16 to 22 inches, with a bang that screams sophisticated, you cannot get any more summer-ready than this beauty of a wig.


8. The blonde ombre wig that has people asking who’s your hairdresser

Yes, she looks so real you’ll be getting questions about your stylist. And all you had to do was order at Hairvivi and install on your own. Imagine that? How easy is that for a summer blonde wig that ticks all the right boxes?

With Eleanor, you get an ombre wig with a darker brown/black root transitioning to multiple shades of blonde. The mixed shades with this HD lace frontal blonde ombre wig ensure you’re adding a dose of sunshine every day. Make sure to check out the subtle shifts in color depending on indoor vs outdoor wear.   


9. Short and colorful – a bob with class (2 color options)

If you prefer a shorter cut but with only a few highlights, then color 1 is the bob wig you’ll need for summer. She delivers a face-framing auburn brown highlight that bridges the summer and fall seasons beautifully.

If you prefer more color – because who doesn’t love browns? – color option 2 is your girl. Complete brown throughout, she’s a warm addition to the season for colorful wigs.

Some of our customers have even bought both colors because they loved the first one so much.


There are even reasons to love colored hair for the summer:

Wearing colored wigs for the summer (and beyond) is not only about embracing the latest trends or turning heads. It’s about you. Your creativity, your self-expression, and of course, having fun. With a Hairvivi colored wig, it gives you:

  • The perfect opportunity to bring out your personality

There’s no easier way to stand out than sporting colored hair. You’re expressing your unique personality and style no matter what you’re doing.

  • A great way to match your summer vibe

With the right color wig, you can amplify your look, boost your confidence, and add a dash of excitement to your style.

  • Nothing but fun

And switching things up can just be about having fun. Summer barbecues, outings, vacations. You get to choose when and where you embrace the colorful side of your personality and have a great time.

So there you have it – our top 9 colored wigs for summer.

Remember, life is too short for boring hair. You deserve to have a vibrant, colorful summer that sets your heart ablaze. Cheers to a summer you’ll never forget and colorful Hairvivi wigs to make it an even more memorable experience.

July 14, 2023


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