As you know, HD lace, featured with the most delicate and the thinnest lace, can melt into the skin perfectly, but it's easy to get torn or broken if you pull it too much. And the hairline area is where we apply glue, gel, and add baby hairs, holes can accidentally appear when you use your long-tail comb; you may see hair sheds from the hairline after times cleaning and washing.
If you have an old wig that the hairline lace part looks crazy or bald but the other lace part and bundles are still good and the wig construction is still working. Then, congratulations! You came to the right place!
Our newly launched replaceable HD lace hairline is aimed to finesse the lace in the hairline part, which means you can just replace your old hairline lace part without having to buy a new one.
No worries about plucking or bleaching!Our Replaceable HD Lace Hairline has been pre-bleached and pre-plucked!
Besides, the replaceable HD Lace Hairline is more affordable than the whole wig which is a good choice for money saving.

If you wanna learn how to replace the hairline, click here to get enlightened!