Wigs are the best thing since sliced bread, and bob wigs are exquisite. They are stylish, cool, sexy, and enhances your facial structure with little or no maintenance involved. So if you are looking for the perfect in-season wig or a new style, a bob wig is all you need. While choosing a bob wig shouldn’t be that much of a task, Hairvivi has the perfect bob wigs for black women.

What is a bob style?

You know, bob wigs were for women in their 50s and older because it was easy to maintain and did not require any styling knowledge. Today, they are for everyone. If you can rock it, wear it. 

Bob wigs are stunning short wigs with frails of various lengths. Depending on what you are looking for, bob wigs come in different lengths usually 8 inches, 10 – 12 inches for standard length, and 14 – 16 inches for longer bobs.

Bob wigs are available in all shades and tints, textures (curly, frail, twist), and is the perfect wig to gently caressing your face, and give you a classy sexy, fabulous and comfortable look.

Types of Bob wigs

Short bobs 

This is an 8-inch long wig that ends just above the jawline. It is a great choice for ladies looking for a neat and easy to maintain bob wig. These wigs come in straight, curly, and flirty styles to fit your style and look any day. Furthermore, they come in different colors and perfect for any face shape.

bob wigs for black women

Bob wigs are natural and resistant to heat and color treatments. Who needs a short bob wig?

If your hair is thin or weak, short 8 inches bob wig offers an instant volume that softens the face. Pair it with a bang for a playful and sassy look. It is also for people who want the too drastic and risky look or have a heart, round, or oblong shape face, the bob wig is the perfect one for you.

Standard Blunt Cut Bob

This is the trendiest bob wig in style. The blunt edges create timeless designs that go well with every occasion. These sophisticated and sleek blunt bob cut are 10 -12 inches long, ending just below your jawline, allowing ladies to customize and texturize any time. The sleekness and straight edges make these wigs great for heart, square, and oval-shape faces.

bob wigs for black women

Why you need a standard blunt bob wig?

If you need a compelling look to enhance your jawline, flatter your appearance, and facial structure, this is the wig for you. Their blunt edges make them a simple, classy, and versatile bob wig for black women. Overall, they are so comfortable, and pairs well with any colors – soft and wild. Standard blunt bob wigs are great straight fringes, for more information, check out Hair Vivi today.

bob wigs for black women

Curly Bob

If you are a beginner to bob wigs or if you like your natural hair and want the perfect replica, then these are the wigs for you. Curly bobs are playful, flirty, feminine, and require zero maintenance. Curls can be packed tight or lose for an airy and clean look.

bob wigs for black women

Who needs a curly bob wig?

Curly bob wigs are available in natural or synthetic designs. They are great for people with natural hair, light, and weak hair. They add instant volume and lift to your hair while elongating your facial structure. For people with square, round, and short-heart shaped face, curly bob creates the perfect balance lengthwise and widthwise.

bob wigs for black women

Furthermore, they are the easiest to style, just run your finger through it, apply some sheen, and you are bouncing out the door in minutes.

Long Bobs

Let’s face it, even though bob wigs are beautiful and sophisticated for all face shape, not everyone can pull off a long bob. So if you are in that class, long bob wigs or lob wigs will ease you comfortably into the world of bob wig. Long bobs are usually 14 – 16 inches long available in different textures and settle softly on your shoulders. Whether you desire a straight, curly, blunt, or fringe lob, they are elegant sexy and enhances your femininity.

bob wigs for black women

Who needs a lob wig?

If you have a strong jawline, a lob wig will soften this feature and directs attraction to other areas of your face. They are also the best for oval and heart-shaped faces offering a comfortable and sleek look. Lob wigs can also be layered to create an airy and fluffy look that compliments your feminine qualities.

bob wigs for black women

Colored Bob

Choosing a wig color is the fun part of buying a new wig. At Hair Vivi, we have shades that will not only compliment your looks, but our colors won’t fade or wash out over time. Favorite colors in our collections are-


Blonde is a classic and timeless color that commands elegance, strength, and enhances your feminine qualities, especially your facial features. At Hair Vivi, our blonde bob wigs are available in all shades of blondes to satisfy women of all ages and their style preferences.

bob wigs for black women

Highlighted bob

Highlights add texture and depth to your wig. It allows you to rock out your favorites colors in one wig without compromising on quality and appearance. Hair Vivi highlights are available in full, partial, colorful, and dimensional highlights to fit your style. Whether you want a customized highlight or defined colors, we have all shade of beautiful wig for you.

bob wigs for black women

bob wigs for black women

Ombre bob

The classy dark base and light hair color look better any day and time. Ombre bob wigs are trendy and available in all colors. Whether you need it in short, long, curly, straight, or blunt, Ombre adds texture, color, sleekness, and shine to your hair.

bob wigs for black women


Bob wigs are attractive, sophisticated, sleek, and easy to maintain. As good as these wigs are, finding the right type worth your money is necessary. Now, that you have knowledge of bob wigs and how beautiful they are, welcome to HAIR VIVI – you home to all kinds of bob wigs. We have short, standard, and long bob wigs for black women in all colors, texture, and length. Our wigs are top-quality and made for you.

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04 septembre, 2020
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Diane White-Lockhart:

Do you have a short bob brownish with a little grey streaked through it. Need small cap size. Thank you.

Edith FisherLo:

Really love Bob’s period. Thinking of buying the shorter style Bob.

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