What’s the best elastic band for wigs? Must know before buying wigs!

An elastic band is a critical part of a wig because it is designed to allow your wig cap to sit snugly over your head but also ensure it remains in place regardless of whatever situation you come across. You definitely do not want your wig flying off your head at the slightest nudge.

There are several articles online that explicitly teach you how to sew an elastic band to your wig, but no information about what’s the difference between the many types of elastic bands used on wigs. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of different types of elastic bands.

The Traditional Elastic Band for Wigs

These are spools of a black elastic band made of polyester fiber. They are thick, excellent tensile strengths with a good stretch. The traditional elastic bands are used in a lot of hands made wigs. People who enjoy making wigs by themselves always use the traditional elastic band.


  • They are relatively comfortable, cause there is no any hard material used besides the fabric
  • Easily attach to your wig and sew because of the knitted pattern
  • You can make it with your head size


  • Is easily damaged by heat
  • Shrinks after long term use
  • To maintain good elasticity, need to replace the elastic band regularly by yourself
  • Need time to sew it by yourself
  • Not adjustable and removable 

The Adjustable Elastic Band for Wigs

The adjustable elastic band is a 1.2-inch wide band that is usually used by many wig companies. It gives you a certain amount of room to adjust your wig.


  • Come with adjustable straps and with a secure link
  • Allow you to secure your wig regardless of the hairstyle underneath
  • Premade on the wig. Don’t need to sew by yourself.


  • May cause uncomfortable or due to the fixed sewing position. People usually have different skull structure, so the fixed sewing position can not fit everyone
  • Because there is less room for adjustment, the elastic band may become too tight and causes headaches
  • The elastic band is unremovable

The Hairvivi Piano Key Removable Elastic Band for Wigs

Have you ever been infuriated that your wig doesn’t fit right and you cannot fix the elastic band immediately? Well, worry no more. The adjustable elastic band is a 1.5-inch wide band that is easily attached to all types of Hairvivi wigs for a secure fit. If you have always wanted a wig that you could adjust or remove the elastic band, the Hairvivi wig is for you. This wig cap comes with already sewn 4 piano inserts on both sides of the ears with an adjustable elastic band that easily slides into the hooks for the perfect fit.

Hairvivi piano keys elastic band


  • Customize your look and fits easily on any wig type
  • Breathable and durable
  • Removable and adjustable elastic band. You can remove or adjust your elastic band depending on your personal preference
  • Widder elastic band is more comfortable than the old 1.2 inch elastic band
  • The strip can be adjusted backward or forward to loosen or tighten the wig on your head as desired
  • Made with resilience and strong material
  • The elastic band has a good stretch and return to it
  • Help to make Glueless wig more secure

Regardless of what elastic band you want in a wig, the following tips should guide you through to the best one for you. Now that you know how to choose the right elastic band for your new wig, you can also get the desired look effectively. Wigs are fun, and these tips will help you out.

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