We all hate to throw wigs away, since there's always something that we can do to salvage our wig babies, but when you tear a hole in the lace or the lace starts to fray, it starts to come apart, the hair starts to shed then typically the wig is a bust.

This is exactly why Hairvivi newly launched the Replaceable HD Lace Hairline to offer a more cost effective option than trying to replace a full head of a wig's hair, you are able to replace just that torn hairline part and save yourself some cost in the meantime, extending the longevity of your wig.

Hairvivi new replaceable HD Lace Hairline

Keep in mind you can save quite a bit more if you're purchasing the wig and the Replaceable Hairline at the same time especially if you know you're not very gentle with wigs and you've torn a lace wig before. Order now and you can enjoy a big 40% off on the new replaceable HD Lace Hairline, which is specially offered for Hairvivi lovers because of the first launch of the Replaceable Hairline!

hairvivi new replaceable HD Lace Hairline

If that sounds like it interests you, stay tuned and let's dive into this tutorial to see how to utilize new replaceable HD Lace Hairline unit and get an an application method!

Step 1: Pin the Wig in Place

The first thing is to flip the wig inside out on the unit and place it right onto a head mannequin and pin it down.

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

Step 2: Remove The Fake Scalp

Then go ahead to remove the fake scalp pieces with a seam ripper. It's really easy to remove!  Just find two or three stitches, undo them and it peels off pretty easy.

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

Tips: don't destroy the face scalp, because you can actually reapply this once you have changed out the hairline.

Step 3: Pin the Hairline in Place

folded the hairline piece in half to find the middle mark and draw a chalk line on the wig ahead which would help you to make sure the exact position . Then go ahead and place the replacement hairline over the top of the wig and make sure you get that position right about where you want it is.

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

If your wig has a seam in the front, you can just match up this seam right along with the replaceable hairline. If there’s no seam on your wig, it’s better to match up from the ear tabs on the side and then make sure that it's going to come all the way across to the other side.

Step 3: Sew the Replaceable HD Lace Hairline Down

You can just follow the seam that's already there as much as you can and stitch along that line from one side and go straight across both sides in a wave pattern to give it a double security and ensure that it's going to lay as flat as possible without any bulk.

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

Step 4: Remove the Old Torn Hairline

Remove these pins all the way around the head mannequin and give it another tug to ensure everything is secure before you start taking anything off the wig. Cut off the old frontal around the inside of this wig and you will get a new wig.

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

replaceable HD Lace Hairline

We want to make sure to emphasize to you that we're only doing replacement hairlines right now for our top 10 best-selling wigs at the moment, depending upon how well this does or if there's higher demand, we'll start doing it for other wigs as well but for right now it's just for our top 10. You can check out this link: https://www.hairvivi.com/collections/wigs-with-replaceable-hd-lace-hairline

And then you kind of know what you can choose to replace your frontal or purchase a wig together with the matched replaceable hairline from us or you can also contact us and let us know if you would like more options.

Here we also attached a video tutorial link for you. Hopefully it can be useful!

Hairvivi Replaceable HD Lace Hairline



April 16, 2021

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