melt lace wig

A melt lace wig gives us that one thing most of us lovelies want to do when wearing a wig … show our edges so that our wigs look oh so natural.

It’s one of the best ways to get this effect.

So, what is a melt lace wig?

That’s what we’re going to dive into, why it’s different from a normal lace wig, and how to go about melting your lace wig.

Plus, I’ll let you know where to find some of the awesome lace wigs on the market.

What’s a melt lace wig?

Have you ever watched a YouTube video tutorial or hair wig review where the Youtuber says she’s melting the lace into her skin? And when she’s through, the lace is virtually undetectable compared to her scalp?

Well, that’s the beauty of a lace wig that can be considered the “melted lace” look.

The idea behind a melt lace wig is that the material blends into your scalp skin so perfectly – making the lace look like your scalp – that it’s called melting into your skin.

This is best achieved with HD lace, a type of hair wig lace that’s newest on the market and the most invisible when it comes to blending into your skin.

melt lace wig

What’s the difference between a normal lace wig and a melt lace wig?

Most melt lace wigs use HD (high definition) lace. This material is the thinnest lace in texture, and it’s also softer and lighter than other types of lace. One of the key selling points of the HD lace is that it appears more invisible than regular lace – and that contributes to the melted effect, where it looks like it blends and disappears perfectly into your scalp.

So, if you were to take a piece of HD lace and a piece of transparent lace, for example, place them against you skin and use hair spray, it becomes more difficult to see the HD lace compared to the other.

 melt lace wig

Now, the HD lace wig will definitely cost a bit more than even the natural-looking transparent lace. But the benefits certainly make it worth the price.

And due to the price, most HD lace wigs comes as a frontal HD lace wig meaning the lace is just along the front hairline area of the wig for parting options and seamless hairlines from ear to ear.

Benefits of a melted lace wig

  • Let’s you show off your edges. You get a natural-looking hairline that allows you to create the baby hair effect if you’d like or just blend in your ‘edges’.

melt lace wig

melt lace wig

  • Highly breathable. Because of the ultra-thin nature of an HD lace wig, the material is a lot more breathable, feels super light, and is less itchy.
  • More styling options. HD lace allows you to create various natural-looking parts that seem so real. You can part them anywhere that the lace is.
melt lace wigmelt lace wig
  • Can use a glueless method. Because of how an HD lace melts into the scalp, you can use a glueless method to secure your wig.

How to get the melted lace look

First, you need to get a lace frontal wig. The best ones should already come with the knots bleached and the hairline pre-plucked for that natural look.
melt lace wig

You’ll follow your regular wig install process.

First, prep your hairline and ensure your natural hair is laid flat for a seamless install. You can use hot comb or hair wax or gel for this. Make sure it’s dry before adding the wig. (Using your blow dryer on the cold air setting is ideal).
melt lace wig

melt lace wig

Put on your wig cap. Put on the wig, ensure it’s set how you’d like it, and trim the excess lace.

melt lace wig

melt lace wig

Apply your wig hair glue or mousse if you wanna get a glueless wig application along your edges and use a scarf to tie down the edges, and wait for about 10 minutes. (Some ladies prefer to lay the wig and add their glue/hair spray before trimming the lace. So, find the method that works best for you)

 melt lace wig

melt lace wig

Then you can go in with your foundation on top of the lace to blend the lace into your scalp.

melt lace wig

And style your wig as you like.
melt lace wig

For more detailed how-tos, check out our posts on:

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Where to get a melted lace wig

The beauty is that you don’t need to look any further than Hairvivi for a super invisible and natural-looking wig that can give you the melt lace look.

So, where can you order your HD lace hair bundles and wigs?

Check out the Hairvivi 13x6 HD lace wigs.

They all feature HD swiss lace for superfine, virtually invisible, and undetectable lace frontal wigs that melt into your skin for that perfect natural hairline.
real human hair wig

ombre lace front wig

bob wig that look real

highlighted blonde lace wig

Plus, you get the Hairvivi 4-in-1 wig design with:

  1. Built-in piano keys elastic band

piano keys elastic band

  1. Bleached knots perfect for parting

clean bleached knots

  1. Pre-plucked hairline for a natural-looking edge

pre-plucked hairline

  1. And invisi-scalp in 3 different skin tones depending on the wig

 melt lace wig

Get ready to show off your edges with an Hairvivi 13x6 HD Lace wig available in a variety of wig designs to suit your personal style.


March 04, 2021

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