Having the right hairstyle for the workplace certainly tips the scale toward that professional feel you’re after. It helps to inspire confidence in you and your abilities and gives you a much-needed boost as you go about your day.

But which hairstyle is the most professional? How do you choose which polished work hairstyles you can trust to showcase you as the competent business professional you know you are?

Here are seven polished and professional work hairstyles we know you can put your trust in.

1. Short professional hairstyles for the stylish woman (with a bit of color)

Who says you can’t wear color to work and still be professional? Not us. And not when paired with a short bob. It’s one of the most sleekly stylish and professional styles you can wear, no matter where you work. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a short do, then a bob is perfect. You can keep it full black or add some color, whether highlights or gradually lighter shades from root to tip for a stunning look.

You can quickly get both short and stylish work-friendly hairstyles with a blonde bob lace front wig or shorter lace front bob wig.


2. Waves for the professional – long hair approved

From the office to the boardroom, lunch with clients and dinner meetings, long wavy professional hairstyles are a perfect fit. As a busy lady doing your thing in the business world, you need a style that can easily transition from any setting throughout the day and evening.

A long wavy brown highlighted wig like Trinity or Brooklyn adds just the right touch of professionalism and confidence booster you need to take on your day.


3. Professional ponytails

One of the easiest corporate styles you can pull off, the ponytail is a neat, professional style suitable for just about any office. A low ponytail works well if it’s a rainy, humid, or windy day and you don’t want to attempt a style that could be easily messed up. You can change it up by adding a side part. Doing this also helps to allay fears that people might think you just threw your hair into a ponytail to avoid looking ill-prepared for work.

Because we’re talking about a low ponytail here, any lace front wig can work, if you prefer a wig. Try a wave lace front wig or, as most people prefer it for the professional setting, a sleek and straight lace front wig to style into a ponytail.


4. Polished and sleek hairstyle

Go straight and sleek with a side or middle part. The sleek straight look is a classic staple of the professional wardrobe. It suits any outfit and is a versatile style adaptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings.

Easily style the look with a Hairvivi black lace front wig that falls just below your shoulder. Or get the look but add a bit of color with this lace front brunette highlighted wig.

Styling tip: Try to keep the strands of the hair behind your shoulder so you’re not tempted to fiddle with them. This sometimes unconscious behavior can be distracting and could detract from your skills on display.


5. Straight hair with bangs

If you like the sleek and straight look but want to add a bit more to the style that fits your personality, then consider adding a bang. Yes, bangs are work-friendly hairstyles when done right.

If you’re not ready to cut your own hair to get this style, here’s what we recommend. Wear a wig like the ones we recommended in 4 above. Then add in a clip in bang whenever you like. The wispy clip-in is great for the black lace front. It’s not a long-term commitment because it’s easily removable.


6. Low bun hairstyle classic

A classic because of how simple it is, and classy for the experienced professional. It keeps your hair off your face – unless you want to add sideswept bangs to it – is low maintenance and looks tidy. The low bun works well with medium length hair or longer tresses.

And you can definitely get this professional hairstyle with a wig. Try it with a medium-length one like this natural-looking yaki texture lace front wig. And based on the style, it’s easy for you to leave out the sideswept bangs if you so desire.


7. Side swoop and pin back

A very quick and easy hairstyle for the days you need to be quickly out of the house. Simply bring one side of your hair toward the back and secure the section with a bobby pin(s). You can choose to curl your hair or leave it as is.

This style keeps the hair off your face while still maintaining that polished professional look.

While you can do this style with just about any of the ones we listed above, we especially like this hairstyle with long loose curls.

Keep your hair professional and polished - wigs in the workplace

There are a lot of ways to style your hair for the office. And a high-quality wig is never out of place.

So, whenever you don’t feel like rocking your natural hair, then make sure you have an HV natural hair wig on hand that still helps you to maintain that polished and professional look.

September 16, 2022

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