When you invest in a wig, it should be a good quality wig that can last you for years and still look gorgeous. But, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still being felt, it’s a difficult task trying to buy good wigs online during the pandemic.

So, here’s our quick wig buyers guide to help you figure out where to buy good wigs even during a pandemic. And some gorgeous wig options to get you ready to look your best in the upcoming holiday season.

What are good wigs?

Before we look at where to find these wigs, we need to know what we’re looking for. Let’s break down what makes a good wig into 4 parts:

  1. Type of hair:

A really good wig is always 100% human hair. And it’s even better if it’s virgin human hair. So, make sure to check the type of material the hair strands are made of. Synthetic hair leaves a lot to be desired and isn’t as versatile, especially when it comes to care and styling, as real human hair.

where to buy good wigs online

  1. Cap structure:

There are four main types of wig cap structure – the base to which the hair is attached. The one you choose depends on the type of look you’re going for.

  • Monofilament wig caps. These are either 100% hand-tied or partially tied. The hair in these wigs are installed by hand to allow the hair to move freely. In some caps, only certain sections, like the crown, are hand-tied, and the rest is machine tied.where to buy good wigs online
  • Lace front. These caps are designed with lace to the front to allow for a more natural-looking hairline.where to buy good wigs online
  • Wefted/open cap wigs. These are traditional basic wig caps where the hair is machine sewn onto strips of material. These strips are then wefted together like a basket to give the appearance of natural hair.where to buy good wigs online
  1. Wig Style

Good wigs come in a variety of styles for you to choose from, whether it’s based on a preference or you choose a certain wig style to fit the shape of your face.

where to buy good wigs online

  1. Color

Another design of good wigs is that they come in different colors and shades. This allows you to choose a color based on preference or one that matches your skin tone. And the colors won’t damage the wigs.

where to buy good wigs online

The three types of online wig shops

Now that you know what to look for in a good wig, here are a few ideas on where to look for these wigs.

  1. Wig companies: These are companies that have their own production line and factory. They can design, produce, and market wigs by themselves.
  2. Shopping platforms: Popular online platforms to buy wigs include AliExpress and Amazon. You’ll find many small wig sellers on these platforms who aren’t able to make their own website to sell directly to customers.
  3. Individual sellers(stylists, influencers): These sellers get wigs from a vendor. Some, especially the stylists, may do some recreation to the wigs by themselves, for example, change the hair’s style or hair color.

Tips for buying a wig online

· Do your research

Check reviews, whether from friends or online sites. YouTube videos are great for seeing genuine reactions to types of wigs and the various brands.

Research also includes asking questions. So, make sure the seller is accessible, responsive, and answers any concerns you have.

· Buy only from authorized sellers

Not everyone who says they’re selling a specific type of wig is authorized to do so. This goes back to your research process. Check that they are, in fact, allowed to sell the wig you want.

· Check the sellers’ exchange and return policy

You want to be able to return a wig if it arrives damaged or you get the wrong item. So, make sure the seller has an exchange and return policy, and that you know what the terms are.

Where to buy good wigs online during a pandemic

With COVID-19 disrupting supply chains globally, it’s difficult for most sellers to stock their normal wigs. But, with Hairvivi, we are still able to produce lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs.

You’ll find a variety of styles in our store, especially since we make part of our lace front wigs available in high quality HD lace on haivivi.com, Despite the HD lace wig, we have hairvivi features which makes us different from other wig companies.

We independently created and released our Piano Keys Elastic Band which is optimized with 4 fitting spots for a secure and snug fit with no hurts for wig wearers. The material is more durable and comfortable. 

where to buy good wigs online

Our R&D team perfectly combined the professional bleaching knots technique and special hair hand-tied method to achieve clean bleached knots which makes Hairvivi wigs look like growing out of the scalp, no black dots. Bleaching or plucking by yourself is no longer needed  for a Hairvivi wig.

where to buy good wigs online

Applied a special hand-tied hair approach, Hairvivi wigs create a natural density transition for the hairline which means the disappear of the harsh dividing line between the hairline and the back of a wig.

where to buy good wigs online

Hairvivi wigs come with a layer of delicate, thin, and breathable silk on the cap to make the wig melt with skin in a better way. It’s hard to distinguish where our fake scalp starts and ends from the outside with 3 color options available online.

where to buy good wigs online

Hairvivi Trendy And Classic Best Wigs Available Online

To help you get started on buying your ideal wigs for the holiday – even with the disruption from the pandemic – be sure to browse these exclusive Hairvivi collections.

The Hand-Picked Best Sellers Only For You

With those best sellers, you can choose colors and styles based on your own preference for design as well as your skin tone.

Look at our gorgeous natural black color and safe colors in various styles to fit any occasion, especially with the Christmas/New Year season coming up.

Five of our favorite girls are the:

Victoria real human hair wigs are popular for her soft and naturally straight texture for everyday wear.

 where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

Kylie human hair bob wig with classic and chic blunt cut look.

 where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

April natural looking wig styled into a face-framing layered cut which is fresh and pretty for daily life.

where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

Lillian ombre lace front wig featured with her flawless color transition between lowlights and highlights is perfect for every season.

where to buy good wigs online

Eva colored human hair wig characterized with her two strands of stunning face-framing highlights on both sides of the front with dazzling and vibrant vibe.

where to buy good wigs online

where to buy good wigs online

Holiday Season New Arrivals

Add a little color and dazzling style to your look with our newly dropped holiday collection. These are six of our most favored ladies for any occasion. They’ll always have you looking fabulous and are a perfect match for just about any skin tone.

where to buy good wigs online
    • 3. Eve red hair wig will both show off your  passionate personality and keep a sense of mystery.
      where to buy good wigs online
        • 4. Carolle quality wig with lighter blonde highlights in the front add cool and dedicated vibe.
          where to buy good wigs online

            where to buy good wigs online

            where to buy good wigs online

              The Pixie Wig

              Available in 3 styles, these 8-inch gorgeous pixie wigs are perfect for ladies who prefer a shorter, more playful cut.

              You can order from 3 different looks, two cap sizes, and of course, our signature fake scalp options in cappuccino, mocha, and honey to perfectly match your skin tone.

              where to buy good wigs online

              where to buy good wigs online

              Shop Online for your preferred wig

              Hairvivi.com will pass all your tests for finding a good source for quality wigs online.

              So, get ready for the upcoming holiday season with a wig from one of our unique collections that enhance the beauty in you and help you look like a million bucks.


              December 03, 2020


              Yvonne Richardson said:

              I looking for a lace wig with lose waves curls and colors Natural black

              Punie said:

              Work done in detail to perfection. Women all over the world who wear wigs deserves to know about hair vivi because you are doing an amazing good stuff just for them. No one does it like you. Big up.

              Patricia Turpin said:

              To me Hairvivi wigs are the best wigs money can buy. A lot of work and detail goes into making the wigs. The hair is amazing. The wigs are worth every penny.

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