Now that we’re all heading back out and enjoying the season, it’s time to get glammed.

And that means finding hairstyles that suit the festive season.

So, to help you get started on planning your outfits and events, here are 5 glam ways to wear your natural hair this holiday season.

Hairstyle 1. Face-Framing Updo

Glam style number one is the elegant face-framing updo. This is one of the most stylish bun hairstyles that suit any type of event for the holidays.

Here’s how to achieve this look.

  • Section a small area at the front/center of your head – something similar to what you’d do for a bang.
  • Catch the rest of the hair up in a sleek but slightly loose ponytail towards the top of your head.
  • Curl the hair in sections using a flat or curling iron, creating nice cascading ringlets.
  • Pin the ends under to create a loose bun.
  • For the bang area, part it down the middle and curl outwards from your face for a neat wave and framing look.

And there you have it – a holiday glam look for natural hair that you can dress up or down. And if you’d like a bit more hair to work with, look at a Hairvivi holiday special wig with clean bleached knots to allow you to do the updo and bangs.

black wig with bangs

bob wigs

Hairstyle 2. Front Row Mini Braids (Baby Braids) Hairstyle

This can be a playful or chic hairstyle, depending on the event and attire. But it is definitely a glam hairstyle for the holiday season.

Here’s what you should do to achieve the look.

  • After you install your curly wig, make a center part to the middle of your head.
  • On each half, section out a very small area on either side of the center part. Almost what you’d use for a small bang.)
  • Plait (or twist) each of these tiny sections to the end.
  • Let down your hair.

And that’s it. The hair is already curled so you don’t need to do anything else to achieve this glam look.

Our Janice pre-plucked curly hair wig with water waves is perfect for this style.


lace front wig

Hairstyle 3 – Side Braids

Yes, braids are glam – if you know how to style them. And side braids are a popular holiday hairstyle that has stood the test of time.

So, what to do?

  • First, section out the area to be braided and clip the rest of the hair out the way. You can choose either the left or right side.
  • Section into multiple rows depending on your size preference for the cornrows.
  • Then braid to the end of the section (not the length of the hair), keeping your cornrows neat.  
  • Curl the other section of hair and then clip the ends of the cornrows into the main section to prevent unraveling.

Now, a question we get asked a lot is can this hairstyle be done with a wig. That’s a resounding yes when it’s a Hairvivi wig. Because our wigs are lace front with bleached knots, it’s easy to create these types of braided looks.

clean bleached knots

Hairstyle 4 – Wavy curly updo

This is a slightly different take to the face-framing updo as this will be a little looser in terms of the ponytail.

Your hair should be curled before doing this style. So, either go for a curly hair wig or curl however you like it. Here’s what to do.

  • Create a high side part, just off center
  • Pull the curled hair back into a low ponytail. Keep the ponytail just slack enough that the hair to the sides hangs slightly loose.
  • At the front, loosen a few strands on either side of your face to fall and gracefully frame your face.
  • Put the ponytailed hair into an updo.

deep wave wigs

Hairstyle 5 – Classic Straight Hair

Simple. Elegant. Glam enough for the holidays. And sometimes these are the best. It’s about your flat iron game and how well you can get your tresses laid.

Or, to make it simpler, order Victoria from Hairvivi. She’s a pre-plucked, straight, lace, human hair wig that needs no work to help you look glam.

 real human hair wig

And there you have it, five of our favorite glam styles to rock this holiday season.

Which one do you prefer and where will you wear it?

December 14, 2021


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