Say bye-bye curling iron, see yah flat iron, and heck no hot comb. We’re embracing heatless for summer, and no – we’re not talking about the temperature. We’re beating the heat with some of the best heatless hairstyles for summer.

After all, you can still look fabulous for the summer without whipping out that flat iron every week. Because who’s got time for that and especially in this heat?

6 heatless hairstyles for summer 

These are 6 styles that don’t need heat and bets of all, you can recreate each of these looks with the right wig. Simple, isn’t it?


1. Buns with side swoop bangs

First of all, the summer heat can be a doozy. So of course, we want to keep the hair off our necks and shoulders when we head outside during the day.

So, one of the easiest styles here that require no heat and is so simple and easy to do is a bun.

It’s one of those styles that can fit in for just about any occasion.

If you’d rather not worry about putting your own hair up into a bun, then get a lace front wig with an invisible scalp that allows you to gather your hair up in one and create the bun.

Bonus points if it has curtain bangs that you can tuck behind your ear to enhance the elegant appeal of the style.


2. Side-swept braids

Again, this style keeps the hair off most of your neck and shoulders as it’s just one braid.

Simply part your hair down the middle and leave a little bit out at the top/sides to frame the face. For the rest of the hair, sweep it from one side to the next and do a 3-strand braid. Loosen the base a bit for a fuller look, and you can secure the end with a hair tie or rubber band.

Wear the braid over a shoulder or down the back. Simple. Cute. No heat required.

To recreate the look with a wig, you can try a long curly lace frontal wig (which adds a nice touch of curls to the style).

Or try a medium-length ombre blond wig that adds color and fits in just right with our 2022 summer hair trends.


3. No heat beach waves

Not all curls need heat. Some just naturally happen without any curling tools necessary. And with summer being all about the Renaissance, you’re sure to want these waves without the extra pressure and time spent with a curling iron.

If you’re rocking your hair, then braiding the hair overnight with your favorite styling product is a great way to get the beach waves look. You’ll want a looser braid, so you get waves and not smaller curls. Then undo the braids the next day for your heatless waves hairstyle.

But if you’d like a simpler option, then that’s very much the case for Ciara, our long hair wig with a natural wave. As a lace frontal, you can part it at the sides or in the middle – whichever style you think suits your features best.

And it’s a simple process to just brush, install, and go. No curling necessary as she comes pre-curled and ready for the fun of summer.


4. Curly short do

If you prefer a shorter do for summer but want to rock your curls, then look at getting a bob wig.

For example, Deja, our curly bob wig made of 100% human hair, comes pre-curled (along with already being pre-plucked and having bleached knots). It’s simply a process of brushing her out and getting her on. No heating tools required. No extra time spent styling your hair, especially when you’re in a rush.


5. Classic Ponytail

One of the easiest hairstyles to create when you’re doing heatless summer is a ponytail. All you need to do is brush your hair back and gather everything into your hands. Secure the hair into one with a hair tie or hair band, doing it tightly but still comfortably so as not to pull your hair too much.

Ponytails with a lot of hair give this summer hairstyle that extra oomph so a wig with a high density and good invisible lace makes this look easy. Get a good quality lace front wig (180% density is good). Brush your wig out, put it up in a ponytail, secure it with a hair tie, and either leave your side bangs out or pin them to the sides with a bobby pin. And that’s it. No heat and you have a gorgeous hairstyle for summer.


6. Straight bob

Again, we are advocates for team short hair for summer days because the heat can be a tad overbearing.

And nothing’s easier than a short, straight look that doesn’t require any added work but to install the wig.

So, a short straight bob wig can get you that desired style. With your natural hair, you’ll need to use a heating tool to get the hair bone straight. If you go the wig route, just install and you’re ready.

Which of these 6 heatless hairstyles for summer are you trying?

There you have it. 6 of the best heatless hairstyles for summer. No flat or curling iron or other heat tool needed. Just a brush and your favorite hair tie.

These are all low-maintenance styles, especially if you opt for the easy way out – just getting a wig.

Plus, you can check out these other 5 easy hairstyles for your lace front wigs – none of which require heat and all of them will have you looking quite fabulous for the summer.

Keep your natural hair healthy, and if you use wigs, extend their life with less heat. So, ditch the hot tools for summer. Go heatless with these gorgeous heatless hairstyles for summer.

July 15, 2022


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