When you search wedding guest hairstyles online, you know what you get? Wedding hairstyles … the styles the bride-to-be could be wearing to look fabulous for her wedding day.

But what about us as guests? We want to look cute and fab too. The bride’s day is special. And we want to make sure we look good in those pics, so she’ll love them for years to come. Can’t be showing up all drab and basic, now, can we?

So, here we are … looking at the best wedding guest hairstyles for Black women.

Check them out and tell us which is your favorite

Sleek Low Ponytail

Ponytails are a favorite of ours for formal outings. Yes, they can look very dressed down. But we know how to style them for all the classy occasions.

And even better, you can do a ponytail with a wig. In fact, a full lace wig will allow you to even do high ponytails.

You can style a ponytail in one of two ways for that wedding you’re planning to attend. The first is to just secure the hair at the back in a ponytail and leave the hair (tail) flowing. The second option is to braid the hair after catching it in the low ponytail. You’ll want to leave a side-swept bang to the front that merges into the fishtail braid for a really elegant look. With this second style, you’ll definitely need a long HD lace wig, and you can add accessories to the hair or the braid to add to the romance of the moment.

Loose waves with a deep side part

Loose waves with a soft, textured look speak volumes for a romantic occasion. Add in a deep part, and it becomes classy and versatile. So, you can easily move between the ceremony and having fun on the dancefloor without worry.

For this type of style, you have to be careful what type of wig you buy and the size of the lace frontal. If it’s too short, there isn’t much room to make a deep part.

To take this style up a notch, add in face-framing sections like in this black lace front wig here. You’ll have a gorgeous hairstyle that suits just about any wedding outfit.

Add some color with a money piece

Color and center part. An epic combination for a wedding guest hairstyle you’ll love. Add a money-piece and anyone who sees you is in for a treat.

For example, our Addison brown wig with caramel blonde highlights or Amy brown hair wig with blonde highlights has highlights throughout the tips of the hair. But the standout highlight that draws attention to your face is the caramel blonde money piece highlight.

That right there is a frontrunner for one of the best wedding guest hairstyles you can easily get with no fuss.


Half down half up hairstyle

To add a bit more elegance to a long wig, you can do a half down half up style with a twist using some of the hair toward the back.

This style works best with a wig that has some length (like the Victoria HD lace wig, which can go up to 22 inches). Take some of the hair from either side and secure both sections to the center at the back. You can then either secure them by twisting the two sections together or by using bobby pins. The rest of the hair can have a gorgeous beach wave look going on.


Go for the classic look with a short bob

A short bob is a classic and versatile hairstyle. A smooth, straight cut is often all you need to set the stage. Style with a middle part and tuck behind one ear. Or get a middle part with a t-part bob wig with both sides sleekly straight.

If you’re wondering what outfits go well with short hair, then know that bobs pair well with fitted clothing, especially if you’re going for the feminine look. Short and strapless are also great options.

You can even take your bob wig up a notch by adding a fascinator. (As long as it’s not white, you shouldn’t be impeding on the bride’s big day.)


Layered beach waves for the classy look

Add some volume and curls with a layered beach wave hairstyle that’s perfect for wedding guests. It works well for short, medium, or long hair. And the best thing is, with a Hairvvi wig, you won’t need to learn to add in or perfect those waves. We have HD lace wigs that come with the waves already curled in ... perfect for attending a wedding.

So, what’s your favorite wedding guest hairstyle?

For us, these 6 awesome wedding guest hairstyles are just too pretty to pass up. So, if you have a wedding coming up and need to find a style you can wear with ease, simply take a look at these 6 and find a Hairvivi natural hair wig to make life easier. 

July 06, 2022


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