Thanksgiving is about family and spending time together. And since we’re all coming together, it’s also a time for family fun and pics. So, our hairstyle needs to be on point, right?

Since you may also be helping with preparing for the festivities, you’ll want to get a Thanksgiving hairstyle that’s easy to do while serving a bit of glamour. So, our top pics range from easy to do if you’re in the kitchen to the exotic if you’re having a formal family function this Thanksgiving.

Here are our top Thanksgiving hairstyle picks to give you inspiration for styling your hair this Thanksgiving.

1. A simple updo for Thanksgiving 

If you’re helping out with final prep in the kitchen before serving dinner, you don’t want your hair in the way. But you still want something cute to match that outfit you got for dinner with your family and friends. 

That’s where a simple updo comes in very handy. You won’t be leaving out any side parts or bangs with this one. You’re going simple yet elegant with all your hair twisted up into a sleek updo. 

(You can also check out our post on Fall hair accessories and how you can style an updo using a claw clip.)

2. Loose waves for Thanksgiving dinner 

Go full-on glamourous with loose waves, a gorgeous hairstyle for Thanksgiving. Now, to get this look would normally require you to spend hours curling your hair or having to go out to sit in a stylist’s chair. 

But if your stylist is booked and you don’t have the time to spend, get a wig that’s naturally wavy. We are all for easy hairstyles, and a pre-plucked glueless wig is as easy as it gets. 

Try this blonde lace wig with face-framing highlights. The warm blonde and brown shades are just the right colors for Fall and Thanksgiving. 

Or if you’d like a shorter look but still with the waves, choose this auburn brown bob wig – with loose curls already defined. 

3. Cute bangs for Thanksgiving 2022

Bangs are a really cute style when you’re home for the holidays. But what to do if you don’t want that long-term commitment of getting your hair cut for a bang? 

Well, if you already have a favorite black wig, you can simply get a clip-in bang accessory. You can wear it with a bob or a longer style. 

If you don’t have a suitable wig to fit a clip-in bang, then shop for your new favorite bang wig style so you don’t have to cut your hair. And if you’re feeling to accessorize on the side, make your hairstyle extra cute with a Thanksgiving-inspired headband. Wear the headband just above or where the part for the bang would begin. (You can also check out our post on hair accessories for Fall for other hairstyles with accessories inspirations for your Thanksgiving dinner). 

4. Ponytail with a Fall scrunchie 

Ponytails are always in, extremely versatile, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

For a family gathering, it’s one of the simplest yet always appropriate hairstyles, no matter your age. So, whether you’re heading home from college for the holiday break or taking time off work to spend time with your family, you can’t go wrong with a ponytail. 

Now it’s just for you to decide what type of ponytail style you’d like for November. Do you want a sleek ponytail, something that you can easily get with this straight natural hair no glue install wig? Or would you much prefer a ponytail with loose curls (simply done with this curly black wig with caramel highlights)?

If you opt for the sleek ponytail, we like it low. If you go for the ponytail with curls, it definitely looks awesome as a high ponytail. And for both hairstyles, you can top it off with a cute Fall scrunchie.

5. Eye-catching Thanksgiving updo with face-framing highlights  

What if you wanted a more eye-catching up-do than the one we talked about above?

Then add some face-framing highlights. 

It works even better if the hair naturally draws attention to your face because it has a money-piece highlight. That is, the face-framing highlights feature a distinctive color separate from the rest of the hair like what you see here with this black wig with blonde money highlights. 

So, leave out the face-framing sections of your hair. Then put the rest up in an updo, either a loose bun or a sleekly styled updo with a large claw clip. 

6. A down hairstyle – straight hair

If you have the time, you can book a session at a blow-dry bar before Thanksgiving. But if you don’t, then get a sleek and tall wig that lets you style your hair fully down. 

No 45-minute flat ironing session needed. Just brush and install our wig and you’re good to go. Or prep it from the day before and then install when needed.

A permanently straightened wig like this one is all you’ll need to pull off this style. 

7. Short and cute bob

A bob for Thanksgiving is that playful and youthful style that gets you in the mood to enjoy time with your family. A short, clean style lets you focus on your family time and not your hair – even though it looks like you spent hours styling and you look good. 

Try out a bob wig and see how good you look, how freeing it is, and how it gives you more time with your family than stressing over what to do with your hair. 

8. Waves with a side part for Thanksgiving

Slightly tousled, very chic, and an ultimate Thanksgiving hairstyle of your family and friends or for a more formal get-together. 

Style with layered curls/waves for a natural look and a high flip to the opposite side to the part – like how this blonde lace front wig is styled. 

9. Thanksgiving middle part

Create a middle part in your favorite Thanksgiving hairstyle and instantly turn it into a classic look. It can help you balance out your waves or enhance the look of your sleek and straight styles. You can do a short middle part or a deep one. The choice is yours. 

You can rock the middle part with your ponytail, the updo, straight hair or curly hair.

Have you found your Thanksgiving hairstyle?

There you have it. Nine Thanksgiving hairstyle inspirations to spark your interest and plans for November. 

That time is just around the corner, so you better start planning your hairstyle, especially if you’ll need to order a wig. And remember to tag us on Instagram when you’re ready for Thanksgiving dinner donning your perfect Hairvivi wig. 

November 19, 2022


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