Tired of wearing your hair the same way every single day? Grab Hairvivi glueless curly wigs and you won't need to do much work to make it look gorgeous.

We've rounded up our best-selling pretty curls. Comfortable and super low maintenance.

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glueless curly

It's pretty hard to go wrong with natural in general, since it's almost universally flattering.

Janice is one of the most popular styles this 2023 spring.

Soft and bouncy water waves create a beautiful light-catching effect.

Janice is suitable for every occasion—from brunch to the office, and everywhere in between.

brown curly

If you’re looking for voluminous shaggy tresses, look no further than this brown beauty.

To get that salon-quality curly tresses, you don't have to do a lot. 

If you dream of defined curls, then the long charming Erica is the right choice for you.

bouncy wig

Natalia is a chic option for framing faces and enhancing features like cheekbones and chin. 

Blonde highlight on curly hair is wonderful for the carefree curl look.

natural curly

How to always look polished? Try Caribbean.

Side parting on curly hair is wonderful for the carefree curl look.

Adding tons of personality to wavy and curly hair, this is an easy look to distribute the weight of thick hair evenly.


Q: How to keep my curly hair soft and bouncy?

A: It’s important to try not to use a brush on curly hair.

To avoid the style going frizzy and to stop the individual curls from loosening, tease your wig with a wide tooth comb or gently with your fingers.

healthy curly

Opt for nourishing shampoo that is paraben and sulphate-free to get bouncy and healthy hair.

Check for gentle formulas for example - vitamins, potassium, natural oils etc. These help strengthen your tresses.

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April 26, 2023


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