Low maintenance hairstyles are a must! Here’s why.

Your hair can either make or break your day. A fabulous hair day will certainly bring out your inner Beyonce – let’s slay. A bad one will certainly put a damper on your day, even knocking your confidence for a bit. But the truth is, as much as we love slaying the glam looks and tryout out new styles, maintaining our intricate hairstyles is often time-consuming and exhausting.

And that’s where low maintenance hairstyles make the difference.

It’s such a simple solution for keeping your hair game on point without sacrificing your precious time and patience. And an even better way to get the low maintenance styles you need is to get a high-quality, low maintenance wig suitable for all occasions and seasons – rainy days included.


Keep reading, and let’s explore some of our favorite low maintenance hairstyles for busy professionals like you and why you need to embrace the low maintenance life.

And if it’s raining? Rainy days are a challenge for maintaining a flawless hairstyle. But not with the right wig. Your wig choice is the gamechanger to protect your natural hair from humidity and moisture while looking chic and confident, no matter the weather.

The perfect low maintenance hairstyles – rainy day edition

The Low Bun

Practical. Simple. Sophisticated. The low bun is the obvious low maintenance hairstyle for rainy days. You’ll need a Hairvivi wig with a natural hairline and enough length to create the low bun at the nape of your neck. This style is ideal as it prevents your hair from getting frizzy or tangled should it get wet.

Issa, a longer bob wig, Amy, a brown medium length wig with highlights, and Emery, a side part, glueless bob wig of a longer length are three easy to manipulate natural hair wigs that would be perfect for this style.


Braided crown

Yes, you can do that with a wig. If braiding is a simple 1-2 for you, then this is your style. (If, like me, you can’t braid to save your life, move on to the next style). This style keeps your hair away from your face and reduces frizz from the humidity. Get you a natural hair wig with a center part (or a lace front that allows you to part). Then braid the front sections and pin the braids around your head for a halo/crown-like effect.

The perfect wigs for this style would be Julia for a little extra color at the front or Sky for a bit thicker texture.


Classic ponytail

Simple to do. Easy to maintain. Just right for a rainy day. The classic ponytail can be worn at any time and at any event. So, no need to worry that it won’t fit in. You’ll need a Hairvivi wig with some length to ensure the ponytail looks good.

Gather the hair in one, secure it with a hairband, and it’s good to go. You can add a further protective element to the style by braiding the ponytail to reduce even more frizz.

Victoria, a straight HD lace wig and Kierra, our ombre human hair with HD Swiss lace are two top choices for ponytails.


Beanie approved styles and headbands

Now wearing your hair out isn’t easy when it’s raining. But it’s even better when you have the right hair accessories. Wearing a beanie with your wig protects your hair and perhaps take an umbrella for extra insurance.

Check out our post on the types of beanies that work well with our wigs and see how easy it’ll be to style your favorite bob cuts or long natural hair wigs with a beanie on a rainy day.


Messy chignon

It’s like a low bun but not as sleek. The styling is a little messy where the hair is slicked back and secured at the back using bobby pins into a messy bun. So, it fits in perfectly with the weather conditions without looking like you have messy hair.

Choose a medium length wig or one of the longer bobs to achieve this look.


Embrace the frizz

Or, you could just be your bold self and embrace your curls and the frizz. Maybe you’d prefer to wear your curly hair wig in the rain.

Try Ciara, a long wavy hair wig or Janice, a curly hair water wave wig for embracing the frizz while still looking good.


These styles are perfect low maintenance go-to wigs because:

  1. They’re time savers

With these wigs, you’ll forget the hours needed to style your hair. That’s time you could be hitting the gym, relaxing with a cup of coffee, getting deep into your work and getting things done, spending time with family. With low maintenance, you get to focus on what matters in your life.

     2. Helps to keep your natural hair healthier

Constant manipulation of your hair increases the risks of breakage, dryness, and damage, especially if you need to use heat-styling tools. With a Hairvivi wig, you get to give your tresses a break and still look fabulous no matter the weather.

     3. Versatile

Did you see how many options for wigs we gave you? That means you can switch it up as often as you like without having to manipulate, cut, or damage your natural hair. Want a long style today? Get a longer wig. Want it short and chic for dinner? Grab your Hairvivi bob wig and get going. You get to experiment with different colors, lengths, and styles and switch it up as often as you want.

     4. Confidence booster

Forget the struggles of styling your hair only for it not to come out as expected. With a Hairvivi low maintenance style wig, you get an instant boost of confidence to head out the door knowing you’ll always look good.

And Hairvivi wigs are perfect for these styles because we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our wigs come pre-plucked with pre-bleached knots, an in-built fake scalp in colors to match your skin tone and, piano keys elastic band for perfect fit. Our fitted glueless wigs makes the process of installing a wig even more simple.

So, let’s get you ready to face the day – rain or shine. Hairvivi wigs are low maintenance by design. And our styling suggestions here are perfect for rainy day look that’s chic, a confidence booster, and ready to slay.

May 09, 2023


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