Winter’s here. And it’s time to look at the winter hair trends so you know what looks are in – what colors, cuts, and styles you should be paying attention to. 

So, we’re presenting 2 hair color trends we know you’ll love, 3 haircuts trending for winter, and 3 of our favorite trending hairstyles for winter. These are the 8 hairstyles and trends you must know.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Hairvivi unless we tell you the simplest ways to get the looks. 

2 hair colors you definitely need for winter 2022

Autumn warmth 

We’re talking about the colors of autumn here keeping you happy and warm inside and out as winter rolls in. You know, those fabulous oranges, auburn, and brown hues that make Fall one of the prettiest-looking seasons. 

You can bring that feeling with you into winter with the right hair color. Look to warm browns, brunettes, and auburn colors. These are easily styled, and especially the browns can fit with most fashion picks for your winter festive feasts and parties.

How to get the look:

A high-quality human hair lace wig with brown highlights will keep the little warmth of autumn into winter. Try this auburn hair wig with brown highlights here where the warm highlights perfectly catch the light.

A little honey sweetener 

Winter might be cold, and getting colder by the day, but you don’t have to. Add a bit of color to contrast with the cold and dark outside with honey-brown hair with soft balayage highlights. 

This combination of colors means you won’t need to worry too much about matching your outfits for any winter plans and parties you might have. 

How to get the look:

Addison, an HD lace black wig with caramel blonde highlights, fits the description for our honey sweetener. And it’s a long wig that you can style for work or play, day, or night.


These 3 haircuts are trending for Winter 2022

Blunt Bob

Nothing says a fresh new outlook on life like a new haircut. And the classic bob always stands atop the best when it comes to choosing a haircut. 

So, if you’re looking to go short, this is the style for Winter. It’s already in, and most celebrity stylists are predicting it will continue throughout the 2022/2023 winter season. 

Another beauty of this look is that you can easily transition the look from day to night. 

How to get the look:

If you’d rather get the look without cutting your own hair, we recommend one of our best-sellers and most loved short cut wigs, the Kylie black bob wig.

Curtain bangs 

We love the look of long, face-framing curtain bangs. But this cut is not one of the easiest to achieve. So, if you are going to do this style with your own hair, make sure it’s an experienced stylist handling your hair. 

Also, take a look at our post on how to style updos with bangs and you’ll see how easy it is to get your hair into a protective style while highlighting those fabulous cheekbones with a curtain bang.

How to get the look:

If you’d rather not chance that – and have the option to rock your curtain bangs whenever you so please – grab a wig to get the style. All you need to do is check out this lace front wig with a bang already styled. 


Cute bangs aka the French Fringe 

If you’re wondering if a fringe cut is in fashion for 2022 then you are on the right track for Winter.

Yes, they are in. Unlike curtain bangs that are swept to the side of the face, the French fringe covers the forehead. This dramatic look makes quite the impact and perfect for any festivities this winter. 

How to get the look:

You can either buy a clip in bang designed to be worn with any wig (like this clip-in bang here) or get a clip in bang designed specifically for your favorite blonde wig. That means you can switch up the look as often as you like. Or you could just get a wig already styled with bangs.


The 3 best hairstyles for winter 

Side parts 

Side parts are classic. But they will still be trending for winter 2022 based on current trends and where current stylists see the shifts in the haircare industry. 

But shifts and trends aside, the side part does allow you room to experiment and have fun with your hair as we go through the cold months ahead. And not because we need to keep our hair protected when traveling (if you live in a cold state) doesn’t mean that you can’t look good once the scarves are off. 

How to get the look:

Pair your love for short hair with a side part with this HD lace front brown hair bob wig. Seems like a mouthful but you’ll absolutely love the versatility of the styling options with this wig.

The fancy ponytail 

Yes, ponytails are often pushed as quick and easy hairstyles. But when it’s the festive season like Christmas going into New Year and all those winter fun days, you need more than just a basic ponytail.

You need to glam it up a bit. Add a fancy bow, a classy headband, some bangs, and face-framing highlights into the mix. 

How to get the look:

You’ll need a long hair wig for a decent ponytail. With colors, it’ll have a bit of contrast once you put up the ponytail or add your favorite hair accessory to the style. 

Try our Brooklyn brown lace front wig. As a lace front, it makes it easier to sport a low ponytail (and even a single braid) with ease. 

Face framing highlights 

Having color in this cold winter doesn’t mean you need to go too hard. You can just add a little warmth to your face with the right color that instantly brightens your face.

It’s a low-maintenance look that can be paired with a variety of other styles – whether short, long, curly, or wavy. 

How to get the look:

Decide on your length and curl style. Then choose your colors for the winter. (You can do all that by browsing the Hairvivi store and searching for colored wigs.) 

Or, even simpler. Get Eva, our HD lace colored wig with face-framing blonde highlights.  

We hope you’ve gotten some great styling ideas from our winter hair trends on color, cuts, and styles. So, have fun, enjoy the season, and keep on showing up with the trendiest hairstyles.

December 03, 2022


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