It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And it’s time for Christmas gift ideas and planning to surprise those we love with things they will love. 

The best place to start is our ultimate Christmas list for 2022 and our best gift ideas for her – that lovely lady in your life (friend, family, partner). Trust us when we say these gifts are on many ladies’ Christmas wish lists. 

This Christmas gift guide is ideal for persons looking for something special for their partners, their best friends, sisters – just any loved one who you know prefers the finer things in life and has really discerning tastes. 

And if you’re putting together something for your own Christmas wish list? We’ve got a terrific tip for you too. 


She likes short hair? In the best gift ideas for her - these are the bob wigs you should look at 

A lady with classic and sophisticated taste, if we do say so ourselves. Short hairdos are really in for Christmas (check out our winter hair trends to learn more). They’re easy to maintain, look chic, and fit almost any bone structure.

So, if you want to get a very warm hug and lots of love on Christmas day, here are the short wigs we recommend. (P.S. they are on our bestsellers list, so you know they are well-loved).

  1. The classic bob cut wig, straight, black. She is the little black dress of wigs. You cannot go wrong with this choice. 
  2. If she (and you) loves a bit of color, try the platinum blonde bob wig with waves. Absolutely stunning and draws attention to the cheekbones. (If you have not seen her in colors before, do feel her out a bit before you buy this one). 
  3. If you want to stay on the safe side, then get her a honey blonde bob wig with brown highlights – still short, has color, but not out there. A safe yet equally gorgeous choice.  
  4. And finally, rounding out our favorite short hair wigs for our 2022 Christmas wish list is this auburn brown hair lace front bob wig. She works well for any skin tone.


She’s a fan of long curly do’s? Here’s the perfect gift for the Christmas tree

Getting the curly look isn’t all that easy. And with her own natural hair, it’ll get frizzy quickly, especially in these winter temperatures. 

You’re in luck. This curly wig is one of our bestsellers and loved by our customers (check the reviews to see what we mean).

So, you will definitely be in her good books and best friends list with the curly girl on our best sellers list – this long curly hair HD lace wig. 


She’s more into waves? Check out these wavy wigs, perfect for a Christmas wish list

Put those little gift ideas to shame and show her how much she means to you when she opens up your Christmas gift this year. 

  1. Curly long brown wig with a money piece highlight – perfect for any Christmas and new year’s festivities you’ll get up to together. 
  2. Long and wavy auburn wig with acute face-framing highlights – the highlight brightens the face and adds a warmer hue, perfect for the chillier winter season.
  3. Natural black HD lace wig with a mix of brown and blonde highlights – including a picture-perfect money piece.

Quick note for the men looking for gifts for the ladies in their lives:

If you’re unsure about the difference between curly and wavy, here’s how to decide between them. With curly hair, the curls are tightly packed together, much like the curly wigs online here. Wavy hair is looser and stands a bit straighter – like these wavy hair wigs here.


Prefers the straight and sleek? Yeah, she likes the classics for Christmas 

These are a must-have stocking stuffer gift (tho we recommend you do not stuff it down the sock, please). 

They are two straight styles that work well with any outfit or for any occasion. They are just all-around versatile wigs while still looking beautiful. (And, of course, in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, they are among the bestsellers list for 2022, so you know you’re in the all-clear with these).

  1. A pre-plucked (no work needed) straight, black HD lace wig 
  2. A longer bob - sleekly straight hair wig 


She absolutely adores color in her hair? These bestselling colored wigs are perfect gifts for her 

And therefore, should be at the top of your list for Christmas gifts for friends and family who enjoy 100% human hair with HD lace.

  • Blonde bestselling wig ideas for Christmas 
  1. Long hair with rooty beige blonde (full-blond here) – it’s not too golden or ashy, so it fits most ladies’ tastes if they prefer a high-quality colored wig. 
  2. Blonde ombre wig when they want to exude a carefree, fun vibe and still stay classy. 


  • The ultimate brunette bestsellers on every wish list
  1. Short and cute, this auburn wavy bob wig exudes just the right amount of color to enhance any look for the season. 
  2. The Lilian luxury ombre wig with gradations of black to different shades or brown is pure elegance – natural black all the way to honey brown. 


Gift yourself (or add to your Christmas wish list)

Handing out gifts does warm the heart. And there’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving. So here are two options to ensure you get the gifts you really want for Christmas.

  1. Treat yourself

Nothing says you can’t buy yourself a gift for Christmas. After all, who knows us quite like ourselves?

So, find your favorite bestseller wig, load up the cart, and have fun this season knowing you look your absolute best.



  1. Create your Own Wishlist 

No, we’re not talking about an Amazon wish list here. In any case, most of the things you want aren’t even on Amazon anyway. And it’s good to support small businesses directly when you can. 

There are quite a few online tools you can use to create a wish list. But the simplest route for us? Just create a Google Doc or Sheet. List out your wish list items and link to them. That way you can add anything from any website you choose. Then, share that doc or sheet with your loved ones and watch the magic happen. 

And when you do decide to send out your Christmas wish list to family and friends, make sure to link to your favorite Hairvivi bestseller wigs so they know just what to get you.

December 10, 2022


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