You can just feel it in the air... Spring will be here before you know it! So, it’s a great time to look at Spring hairstyles for 2022 so you can get ready now.

As a time of transition, we’re so ready to renew our spirits, tackle that dreaded spring cleaning list (maybe not so much), enjoy Spring Break. Basically, we’re ready to revel in the outdoors.

It’s also time to delight your senses and transition those wigs you’ve had for a while too.

Because Spring is about lighter and shorter, throwing off the baggage from winter and embracing a fresh new outlook on life. It's a time for reinvention!

Spring 2022 hair trends we are excited about

Each year you can look forward to certain trends and styles as Spring rolls in. We don’t anticipate anything different for 2022. Here are three ways we expect ladies to be changing up their looks this Spring.

1. Freshening up the looks

Spring is the ideal time to transition your hair to a new style. For many ladies, that means adding color, highlights, or completely dyeing your hair a different shade. We expect to see a bit of that this Spring as well.   

2. Lighter styles

Lighten up the look for Spring. Blond tresses, highlights – these are the fresh new takes to start the new season. Colors add a sexy flair to styles coming out of the dreary winter cold.

3. Shorter is in

Of course, a new lease on life is often accompanied with a haircut. For the ladies, this can be bobs, pixie cuts, layers … just anything that gives a lighter feel to it.

So, it’s a time for new beginnings.

And guess what?! We’ve got you sis.

We’ll be launching our Spring Collection soon, and it’s gonna be the picture-perfect complement for the season. So, keep your eyes open and your ears peeled because it’s going to be one for the books.

But what if you want something now before our Spring Collection drops? Well…

Here are a few of our most loved hairstyles and wigs to get you warmed up for our Spring Collection - our Spring best-sellers!

Sleek and Straight

The sleek and straight look is easy to achieve with the right wig. For example, Lydia, one of our straight hair lace wigs, gives the smooth, sleek classic look. You can style this look with or without bangs, middle or side part, and it works well with long, medium length, and short hair.

(Plus, because we make Hairvivi wigs with high-quality human hair, you can always add some curls later on to change things up a bit without damaging the hair.)

Middle Part

The middle part is definitely in for 2022. Paired with sleek, straight hair, flawlessly parted, you’re ready to take on Spring 2022.

Issa, our HD lace front wig, makes it extremely easy to achieve this polished and sleek look with a middle part.


As we noted, one of the 2022 Spring hair trends you can look out for is highlights. And there are many ways to get in on this trend. Ombre wigs smoothly blend multiple colors into each other for gorgeous highlights.

  • Brown highlights

Take a look at Nina, our 5X5 HD lace closure wig with gorgeous brown highlights.

  • Blond highlights

A highlight style that can never be wrong is adding blond. Try Iris for a short blond bob wig that’s a light and fun style – just perfect for Spring.

Short & Mid-Length

A short bob cut is a great alternative if you’re ready for a change but with a hairstyle that’s super simple and easy to style. So, if you just want to get up and go for Spring, then these short bob hairstyles will put a spring in your steps when you see how quickly you can get ready.

Or if you don’t want to go that short, then a mid-length style is a great alternative.

Of course, you can find wigs that mix and match and all of these sought-after spring hairstyles. So, think about what you'll be doing, how you want to feel and find the look – or looks – that will perfectly match your spring style.

And remember, Hairvivi wigs are specially designed to make them easy to wear … so just right for enjoying all the beauty that Spring has to offer.

Which Spring hairstyle or wig are you getting for the season?

Get ready to fall in love with yourself all over again this Spring.

And remember to check back for the release of the ultimate Spring Wig Collection for your 2022 transformation.

February 22, 2022


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