They’re finally here, and can we say how excited we are? Get up close and personal with the 4 beautiful ladies from our 2022 Spring wig collection now available for pre-order! You're going to want to get your hands on these while you still have first dibs - they are expected to sell out fast!

Four brand new styles. All designed by our in-house stylists and brought to life by the people we trust to deliver the highest standards for the quality hair you know and love from Hairvivi.

So, what can you expect from these new additions to the Hairvivi natural hair collection? As always, a Hairvivi wig is made of 100% human hair and already has:

  • A pre-plucked hairline
  • Pre-bleached knots
  • Pre-made fake scalp
  • Invisible HD Swiss lace

So, no work for you to prepare to install and wear your new Spring Collection wig. And every one of these ladies offers a seamless install that melts into your scalp.

How we made these 4 wigs perfect for Spring

In our post on the best 2022 Spring hairstyles, we shared a few things we’re expecting for the season. Spring is the ideal time for a refresh, recharge, and change. And our recommended Spring hairstyles reflect that.

And our Spring Wig Collection is the embodiment of that post. With these new wigs to add to your collection, you’ll find options for:

  • Highlighted wigs to lighten the mood and accent your gorgeous skin tone
  • Short styles for the ladies looking for a new look
  • Long curls for the extra bounce in your step as you start enjoying the outdoors

These awesome ladies are here to make your Spring to summer styles more than fashionable.

So, let’s have a look at your next favorite wig.

Julia for the Natural Waves

And a face-framing warm mocha highlight plus a middle-part. Julia has strategically placed money piece highlight gives a high contrast, and she beautifully frames the face.

This go-to trendy look is just what you need to enjoy the many colors of Spring as the world brightens and warms around us. We love the style for its rejuvenating look and feel. And the natural flow of the hair offers a softer and even more attractive look.

Rita for Flawlessly Layered Curls

At 16”, Rita is a beautifully colored wig with gorgeous layered loose curls throughout. These soft, spiral waves with layers of differing lengths offer a lot of texture, body, and bounce. The chestnut brown interwoven throughout adds the perfect highlights to make this style a fun yet elegant Spring staple for the ladies who want to add a bit of color.

Get ready for effortless glamor and a Spring 2022 to remember. She’s always ready to shine without the need for a lot of styling.

Ross with the Glamorous Hollywood Flip

Designed for the perfect Hollywood flip, with Ross you'll get volume at the top and shift the center part more to the side. Paired with the tousled, messy curls, she’s a beauty and perfect mid-length hair to freshen up your look for Spring.

Ross is also one of our 16” ladies for women looking for a cute and sexy style. With a walnut brown hue, she offers a soft Spring feeling with a tousled, sensual look. And the flip works for just about anyone.

Emma for Gorgeous Color

Adding warm tones to your style as the time warms up is easy with Emma, a Spring wig that comes in two shades – full black or lighter and brighter blond. Whether you opt for the black or to go blond, the color suits the nature of Spring for vibrant, happy days, and fun, flirty nights.

You can also curl the ends to add movement and volume, so this long hair looks light. She makes a great addition to our wig collection as we look forward to the warmth and colors of Spring.

Victoria the Effortlessly Straightened

Victoria features a permanent straightened look. At 18” long, this full black, silky long wig stays sleek straight, so you’ll always look laid no matter the time of day.

Forget spending hours with the flat iron trying to get a bone straight look. Victoria will always be ready to slay, and as a 100% human hair straight wig, she never gets boring. So, if you’re looking for a long, black, straight hair wig with a middle part, Victoria is your girl.

Shop the 2022 Spring wig collection

Embrace the exciting, warm, and rejuvenating days of Spring with our 2022 Spring Wig Collection. We designed them to perfectly complement your feelings for the season and beyond.

Which of these fun, flirty, and fabulous styles are you taking into Spring with you?


March 22, 2022


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