When you want inspiration for a fresh new look, checking out your favorite celebrities is a fantastic starting point.

You can find some of the best celeb hair moments in 2022 from their most striking hairs transformations. And though we’re still early in the year, our favorite celebs have not disappointed. You can already see the iconic looks that you can easily replicate with your natural hair or by getting an easy-to-style natural hair wig.

Here are a few of our favorite celebrity transformation hairstyles for the year so far.

Halle Berry’s Storm Connection

Halle Berry is embracing her Storm alter-ego (though many of us are speculating it’s to make a cameo in a certain Marvel film. But we’ll see). That does not detract from this iconic style. The X-Men star transformed from her wispy bangs to debut a gorgeous short, bleached hair reminiscent of her look as Storm in the X-Men films.

While not quite Storm-ish, Kerry, our bob cut natural hair wig, is a great alternative to change up your look for 2022. And as a 100% natural hair wig, you can simply bleach and dye the hair to get the same white-grey color as Ms. Halle. Then, style the front/bangs as needed. An alternative is to just get a clip-in bang just for styling the iconic storm bang.

So, you can go for the short cut, or style the front of your hair in the same choppy cut as Halle and catch the back in a bun.

Hilary Duff has Got Inches

The actress added a few more inches to her blonde tresses and we’re here for it.

The choppy layered look adds a bit of texture that gives Hilary a more youthful appearance. And the slight ombre touch at the roots is perfect for contrast.

To get a similar look, you could check out Jenner, a blond ombre wavy wig with dark roots. Coming in at 16 to 22 inches, you get length, texture, and options for a fake scalp that matches your skin tone.

Zendaya’s Lighter Shade

The Euphoria and Spiderman actress went from brunette to a lighter shade and got her curls popping. While not full blonde, the recent look certainly fits her and seems like a picture-perfect transformation for the star.

So, what can you do to get this lighter blonde look, curls, and length?

For that, we recommend Natalia. She’s a beach blond curly wig with just the right amount of color and length to pull off the new Zendaya look.

Serena Williams’ Blunt Bob

We all know Serena and her sis are known for their iconic hairstyles. Her look for the 2022 Oscars was for the books, and we’re sure you’ll love to replicate it.

The blunt bob is a fun and flirty hairstyle that’s a terrific way to change up your looks.

Our Iris is a short lace front bob wig that’s a simple install and easy way to get a nice blunt bob. And you’ll have a remarkably similar look without much work. While not full blonde like Serena’s Oscar’s do, the blonde highlights in the Iris natural hair wig certainly stand out.

Chrissy Teigen’s New Color

Chrissy has switched it up for Spring with a new color – blonder – with a shoulder-length chop. To get this honey-blond style, you only need Zuri.

Zuri is our honey-blond lace front wig that can be styled as straight as Chrissy’s look, or curled. So, you have options to change it up for the new season.

Lea Michele’s New Short Hair

Calling it her “mom bob”, Lea took her hair up a few inches when she showcased her new cut via Instagram.

Simple, flirty, and absolutely cute, the style is a perfect one for spring where you know short is in.

So, get yourself a lace front bob wig like our Kylie bob, which you can easily style like Lea with a middle part, straight, and shoulder length.

Nicole Scherzinger and the Big Chop

According to US Magazine, Nicole’s hairstylist Dimitri Giannetos gave her the big chop in early 2022. And we must say this new youthful style totally suits the singer.

And as luck would have it, we have a short curly lace front wig that resembles Nicole’s new look to a T.

Named Bambi, she’s designed to be worn in numerous styles. A quick messy updo like Nicole, a messy bun, or just worn straight.

Which celebrity hairstyle are you going to try next?

I’m sure you’ve found at least one style you’re ready to try.

And with the Oscars now over and the Grammy’s coming shortly, you’ll have endless celebrity hairstyles from which to choose.

So, find your pick and then head over to Hairvivi to find a lace front natural hair wig that can either perfectly replicate the style or is easily transformable as you will be too.

April 02, 2022


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