An amazing fact about the world we live in is that it keeps evolving. Years ago, who would have ever thought that front lace or 360 lace wigs would exist?

fake scalp wig

We can all agree that the wig game has evolved a lot since they were introduced. Having wigs at home is now seen as a necessity for so many reasons. Ladies nowadays don’t have the time or patience to go to a hair salon and sit down for hours fixing hair extensions. You can look stunning in just a few minutes with your beautiful wig!  
fake scalp wig

Differences Between Traditional Wig And Invisible Scalp Wig

There’re so many obvious differences between a traditional wig and an invisible fake scalp wig. Keep reading to find out why one is better than the other and the best wig to purchase if you’re new to wigs or would like to add more to your wig collection.

An Introduction To Traditional Wigs

Traditional wigs are known to be voluminous especially at the crown with adjustable straps. Traditional wigs are made with no knots bleached or hairline plucked, synthetic hair extensions and are teased at the crown of the wig cap just so that the cap isn’t visible in any way. They aren’t known to be breathable because of the type of material used to make the wig cap. Traditional wig caps come with a net at the crown which as we mentioned earlier has synthetic hair sewn with a machine to make it look as natural and full as possible.

Cons Of Traditional Wigs

  1. Unnatural Part Lines:Traditional wigs come with permanent part lines which means that you cannot style it however you want. The part lines are usually closed to prevent the wig cap from showing which makes it obvious that you’re wearing it (we don’t want that!).fake scalp wig
  1. Wig Caps Are A Necessity:To wear a traditional wig without having to itch all the time, you’ll need to wear a wig cap. It’s not really cool to know that you cannot put on your wig without a wig cap because not everyone feels comfortable with wig caps.
  1. Takes More Time To Prep:For a traditional wig to look presentable, you’ll need to take your time to bleach knots and pluck it properly so that it doesn’t look fake and unnatural.

fake scalp wig

  1. Feels Too Heavy: The wig cap used to make traditional wigs allows for more hair extension to be used to fill out spaces and this can only mean that it’ll weigh more than should be comfortable.

Traditional wigs were enough at some point but now, they’re not because you can get something better like the invisible fake scalp wigs.

Introducing The Invisible Fake Scalp Wig

The invisible fake scalp wig, first of all, is not your regular lace wig. Just like the name implies, it’s a fake scalp wig that gives you a very natural look without harsh lines and other impressive features. The invisible fake scalp wig comes with three different lace colors that can match with your skin tone. These laces also enhance the invisibility feature of the wig.
fake scalp wig

The wig is constructed with light and breathable fake scalp laces that come in colors that will blend with the skin without the aid of makeup. The invisible fake scalp wig was made by Hairvivi in March 2019. After much research, Hairvivi wanted to achieve that natural and flawless look a wig should have. Just to make sure that a clash with skin tones did not exist, further development was made on the invisible fake scalp wig in 2020. Three different colors for different skin tones were made. These improvements were made to make the wigs durable.

Pros Of The Hairvivi Invisible Fake Scalp Wig

  1. It’s Breathable:The material used to make the wig is light and delicate which makes it breathable. It’ll definitely keep your head cool seeing the fact that some ladies don’t like wearing wig caps because of that stuffy feeling. You don’t have to wear a wig cap and the soft material used will give room for air. fake scalp wig
  1. It’s More Comfortable:The invisible fake scalp wig is not heavy or bulky like a traditional wig. It feels light when worn and the material used to make it doesn’t cause itching.
  1. It Comes In Different Natural Colors: With the three natural colors that come with the Hairvivi invisible scalp wig, it melts into your skin. There’ll be no need for foundation or powder blending.

fake scalp wig

  1. Very Natural Hairline:It’s every girl’s dream to wear a wig and have a natural hairline with no separation or demarcation. With the Hairvivi invisible fake scalp wig, no one would know where the hairline is starting or ending.

 fake scalp wig

  1. It’s Durable and stretchy:The Hairvivi invisible fake scalp wig is durable, stretchy, and easy to maintain. It doesn’t take too much effort to style and tame. Its stretchy feature also enhances how comfortable it is.

fake scalp wig

The Hairvivi invisible fake scalp wig has ensure that you only get to do as little work as possible, unlike a traditional wig. With a natural-looking hairline, pre-plucked edges, different colors available, and stretchy material, it’ll be a piece of cake to install your wig and look flawless. There are so many lengths and styles of wigs to choose from on the Hairvivi website; check it out now and slay your wig game!

September 11, 2020


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Hello Iam searching for a wig with a beautiful hair color like brown.
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Is it possible to remove fake hair scalp.

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