For your wig to come out looking beautiful and natural, you’d need to know how to put on a wig cap like a pro.

Having at least one or two wigs has become very important for ladies and there’s so many reasons why. All girls love changing their looks at least once in two weeks and wigs are the perfect go-to option. Wigs come in different lengths and curl patterns plus, we cannot forget that they can be styled in so many different ways.

how to put on a wig cap

Wig caps and wigs should go hand in hand if you want to protect your natural hair from breakage and itching. It also makes the wig more comfortable and allows you to easily take off the wig.

It’s not impossible to install your wig by yourself and have it looking like luscious and natural. All you need to do is put on a wig cap the right way and we’re here to tell you how to do it like a pro.

Different Methods To Prep Your Hair Before Wearing A Wig Cap

The length of your hair has an important role to play in prepping your hair for a wig cap. Your hair has to be flat enough on your head to allow you to place the wig cap properly just so that your wig can sit perfectly.

  1. Short Hair: The right and easy way to prep short hair before putting on a wig cap is the use of hair gel. If your hair is too short to cornrow, then all you need to do is to get a strong hair gel that can hold your hair down with the aid of a leave-in conditioner. If your hair is slightly damp, that’s good; divide your hair into portions and make use of the leave-in conditioner and then the hair gel. The next step would be to use a Denman hairbrush to flatten your hair, tie your hair with a satin scarf, and leave it to dry completely.
  1. Medium Length: A medium hair length means that you most likely can’t pack it without strands of hair sticking out. The best option would be to cornrow or flat twist it and the sizes should depend on how full your hair is.

how to put on a wig cap

  1. Long Hair: Two cornrows positioned on both sides of your head is an easy way to prep your hair for a wig cap. It has to be braided tightly to make it flat on your head.

how to put on a wig cap

Another way to prep long hair would be to brush your hair backward till it’s flat enough and then use a hairband to tie to at the nape of your neck. Braiding the tail and then tucking it into your hair would be a very good idea. This method is best for people with thin hair.

Putting On A Wig Cap

1. The first step to putting on a wig cap is to spray your hairline with any scalp protector of your choice. If you decide to just go ahead and put on the wig cap, there’s a high chance of irritation and itching. Once you’ve made use of the scalp protector, allow it to dry completely.
how to put on a wig cap

2. The next thing you need to put on the wig cap that you’ve purchased. It’s advisable to get a nude wig cap just so that it can blend well with your skin. Place the wig cap on your head and make sure it’s aligned with your hairline.

how to put on a wig cap

3. Move the wig cap forward by an inch and then flatten it because as we go on, you’ll have to cut it to make your hairline look more natural. Make sure you also pay attention to the back of your head; make sure it’s covering your hair with a little allowance.

how to put on a wig cap

4. The next step is to use small scissors the cut a short straight line past the folded edge of the wig cap. Position the scissors again at the top part of your ear and cut in the same straight line. Do the same for your other ear. This step is very important to make the cutting out easier.

how to put on a wig caphow to put on a wig cap5.Moving on (if it’s full lace or frontal lace), use any hair glue of your choice to hold down the edges of your wig cap and make sure it’s well-aligned with your hairline. You don’t want the glue completely dried so it’s best you make use of a blow dryer. When it becomes tacky, use bobby pins to secure the wig cap to your head. You also want to place the bobby pin properly so that they’re not obvious at all.

how to put on a wig caphow to put on a wig cap

If it’s not a full lace or frontal wig, then you don’t need the glue to hold down the wig cap or frontal.

6. Angle your scissors whilst using your second hand to keep the wig cap in place. Cut out the edge of the wig cap until it gets to the other cuts you made by your ears. Smoothen the edge of your wig cap as much as you can.

how to put on a wig caphow to put on a wig cap

7. Pull out your foundation and blend in a reasonable amount around your hairline. This plays an important role in making your wig look natural. Your foundation is the best option because it’ll easily blend with your skin tone.

how to put on a wig cap8. Now’s the fun part! Take out your beautiful wig and place it over your head ensuring that it aligns with your hairline. Make use of the combs inside the wig to secure it on your head after you’ve decided the position you want it to be.

how to put on a wig cap

If it’s full lace wigs or frontal wigs, use a tail comb to flatten it until the edges are invisible. Then, decide the parting style you want and in both cases, make use of your face powder and trace the parting line. It comes out looking natural.

9. Lastly, use a toothbrush to arrange your baby hairs to make it look even more natural. That’s it!

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how to put on a wig cap

This invisi-scalp wig comes in different neutral colors that can blend with any skin tone to make it look invisible. 

how to put on a wig cap

The Hairvivi Invisi-Scalp wig is a total game changer. Purchasing one or more would be worth it!

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July 31, 2020


Barb said:

I wonder if you carry wigs for people with NO hair? Wig MUST be glued on.

CIndy said:

I like what I see regarding your wigs. The fake scalp and the fact that your wigs don’t look overly heavy in weight. I don’t like wigs that have a higher density. But I am reluctant to purchase due to the reviews I’ve seen (YouTube) regarding the over bleaching of the knots that you tend to do on your lace wigs.

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