Lace wigs are luxurious hairpieces that give an alluring, sleek, and sexy look to any type of head shape. They also blend in with a variety of hairstyles if you choose the right brand. Frontal lace wigs are the best option for lots of reasons; they cover up any damage to your natural hair and make you feel like you have a full head of hair. However, finding the perfect lace frontal wig is tough. Some wigs are good, but cannot be easily adjusted to fit your head size.

Others fit, but you have to go through the process of plucking the edges to create a natural hairline. Well, if you are looking for a human lace frontal wig with all the work done, the Hairvivi 4-in-1 lace frontal wig checks all the boxes. 

how to style wigs

These wigs have an invisible scalp, pre-plucked hairline, pre-bleached knots, and piano key elastic band. In a nutshell, it is the complete ready to wear human hair lace frontal wig on the market. 

Hairvivi is 100 percent virgin hair and acts pretty much the same way as human hair, including styling it. Whether you choose to wear it and be out the door or style it to suit the occasion, the Hairvivi 4-in-1 ready-to-wear lace frontal wig is bang on the money.

Why human hair?

Human hair wigs are obviously more expensive than synthetic hair but for serious reasons. They are soft, takes well to treatment, including heat to other hair tools, and feel smooth on the skin. They are also light, silky on the skin, and super durable if correctly maintained.

Moreover, they give you unlimited styling options and available in different forms, like straight, curly, bobs, bouncy, or mixed. Overall, lace wigs give a natural look and blend, especially in the front.

how to style wigs

The lace front wigs are used at the front part of the hair, and it makes it easier to get used to wearing wigs because a user enjoys styling the wig differently to suit the occasion. Wigs can be braided, matted, rolled with rollers as it suits the user; the event also influences the usage; a model can style the wig differently to fit different outfits. It could be originally straight but can also be curly with the use of curling iron.

Effects of hair tools on lace wigs

Most frontal lace wigs employ the use of glue or some form of adhesive to attach the wig for a natural look. This can result in hair damage, breakage, and thinning with long term use. However, the Hairvivi 4-in-1 piano key elastic band wig eliminates the use of adhesive and hence protects your hair and hairline while ramping up your natural look.

how to style wigs

Using hair tools on your wig can ruin the texture, look, sheen, and longevity. Well, until you try the Hairvivi human lace frontal wig. Unlike other types of human hair wigs, this hair takes well to heat-treatment enabling you to curly, straightening, or when blow-drying it. However, the impact of heat and hair tools consistently heating your hair is detrimental in the long run. Hence, before you apply heat, ensure your wig is tangle-free using a wide-tooth comb and use a low-medium heat setting too. 

You should also use hair protection spray to coat the hair strands and limit the amount of damage. Apply generously at every section of the wig before proceeding with the hot hair tool. Use devices with preferably temperature control setup to minimize the heat you are exposing your wigs to because human hair wigs are expensive most of the time, and you don't want to ruin your wig.

Styles that can be done on a lace frontal wig

Middle Part or Side Part

Hairvivi lace frontal wigs offer wearers incredible styling options and one very familiar style is the Part. Parting your wig is super easy, it doesn’t require any effort or tools. A needle tip comb and a hairband are all you need. Place the wig over your head, fix it in place, and get ready to style. Take the comb, create the part, and smoothen it out using your hands, hair cream, or wet hands for a sleek and corporate look. Parting can be straight down the middle, at the right and left side to fit your face.

how to style wigs

Half Up Half Down Style

For a casual outing with friends or just a day out alone, half up half down style is recommended; then how to style wigs into this look? It's very easy to do, just let all your hair(wig) down, comb the front without any closures, just a normal all back kind of combing, then take a little from the front, i.e. create a horizontal partition in between the front and back, leave the one at the back and use a scrunchie to tie the one at the front, then let it down to fall towards the one you left at the back, now that's what you call a half up half down style, you could also turn it to a half up half down bun by just rolling the packed upfront in the shape of a bun, it could go clockwise or anti-clockwise.

 how to style wigs

Bun Style For A Casual-Formal Look

For a casual-formal look, roll the tip of the hair into a bun and use a plain or pattern hairpiece to hold it down. This is super easy and a mature way to go from office to office function without stress. It is also a good styling option for people who don’t like the feel of the hair on their skin.

Sleek Middle Part Look For A Date

Going out on a date and want to rock a simple yet sexy hairstyle, still with the part, straighten the hair and take it behind your ears. This is a sleek way to enjoy a date without the hair interrupting your date. how to style wigs

Flat Blunt Cut Bob For Everyday Go-To Look

For an everyday go-to look, a flat, but sleek over the sides of the face is unique. It not only slims down your facial structures, but it also elongates your physique. It is effortless.

how to style wigs

Two Little Ponytails

Lace frontal wigs can be made in two little ponytails for a naughty and energetic vibe.

 how to style wigs

Low Single Ponytail For Office

It will make a single ponytail at the back of the head for a sleek and comfortable look for the office.

 how to style wigs

After all said and done, there are several ways to actually style your human hair lace frontal wigs and some of the procedures have been well stated above. There are also no limits on how to creatively style and use your wigs, it most times depend on choice, color, and blend.

If you wanna know more about how to install a lace frontal wig, click here to learn!

August 28, 2020

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