Let’s make the holidays extra festive this year with these 10 quick and easy Christmas morning hairstyles. Whether you wake up late or plan on going to church, family breakfast, or brunch, these styles are quick to fix, easy to do, and will have you up and out in no time. 

Because it’s gonna be Christmas morning, and nobody has time for time-consuming, elaborate styles that’ll take you hours to do. Not when you have breakfast to do, family and friends to see, fun to be had. So, look at these 10 effortlessly chic hairstyles to try without spending too long to get ready, then pick your favorite for Christmas day.


1. The easiest of grab-and-go Christmas morning hairstyles (aka a glueless wig)

The easiest of hairstyles is where you can simply look in the mirror, fit it, and forget it. That’s the beauty of a glueless HD lace wig. No long time spent gluing, drying, styling. All you need is a Hairvivi glueless wig (and since it’s Christmas, we do recommend long tresses and gorgeous colors), and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. They’re easy to install, have a secure fit, and certainly beat pulling out the blow dryer, curling and flat irons on Christmas day. 


2. The seamless half-up half-down hairstyle 

One of the easiest yet absolutely glam hairstyles to start out your day – the half-up/half-down. Grab a middle-part wavy lace front wig with highlights for this super simple hairstyle. Take sections from both sides about halfway up the hair. Individually twist both sides, then secure both pieces in the middle of your head with a hair tie. Top it off with a festive-themed ribbon, and you’re good to go.

For extra flair, you could go for a wig with a money piece. So, you leave out the face-framing highlight while putting half up and leaving the rest down. Fancy, chic, and the perfect Christmas brunch hairstyle with no real effort to get the look.


3. Grab a headband and get your hair looking festive

Whatever Hairvivi natural hair wig you have on hand can be quickly accessorized with the right holiday-themed scrunchie or headband. So, get your low ponytail quickly up with a red and white scrunchie to match your Christmas day outfit. Or get a stylish headband to keep the hair off your face as you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.


4. A twisted bun – easy Christmas morning hairstyle

When you don’t have the time to get your hair braided for the holidays, you’ll need a simple solution for Christmas day. A twisted low bun is just what you need. Keeps the hair off your face and shoulders and lets you carry on with your day.


5. Beach waves for Christmas

Gorgeous waves are just what you need if you’re going out on Christmas morning. But I know you don’t want to get up to spend hours curling your hair. Here’s Brooklyn to the rescue, a simply exquisite HD lace frontal with babylights. So not even that you will have to worry about. Now, you can wear her as is, or style her like numbers 3, 7, or 9 in our list of easy Christmas morning hairstyles.


6. Short hair half up for Christmas day

If you want the half-up half-down look but not with long hair, you can certainly do that with a bob. Try the style with Clover, our ice blonde, sleekly straight bob lace front. Or get some curls involved with Bruna, an auburn brown wavy hair bob. With either of these ladies you can do a mini updo with a small or medium-sized claw clip (bonus points if you get it in Christmas colors).

Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend even that 5 minutes working on the updo, you can still look gorgeous on December 25 by just installing either one of these fine ladies. Both are gorgeously colored bob wigs that fit your preferred style for either straight or wavy hair. 


7. Middle part with festive pins to the side

Another style made festive with accessories, this is also a super simple to do hairstyle for Christmas. All you need to do is create a middle part. Then brush the hair back along the sides. Secure each side with multiple bobby pins. We recommend big ones, especially if you can get colors to match your outfit for the day. This style works well with straight, curly, or wavy hair. 

Now you might think you can’t get this style with a wig. You’d be wrong. You just need the right type of wig to make this an easy hairstyle. So look for an HD lace front that will allow you to create the middle part and brush back the sides.


8. Side part with color in under 10 minutes 

Tis the season to be festive and you’ll be adding color to your day with ease with Noelle. She’s an HD lace auburn wig with multiple caramel-colored highlights. She is indeed the perfect hairstyle for the season and so easy to install on Christmas morning. She’ll make it seem like you spent hours getting your hair ready.


9. Side part with pins for Christmas morning

Like number 7 above, but with a side part, and only the shorter side of the part pinned. 

Have the larger section curled ever so slightly over your face and the smaller side pinned back. It’s a great one to try with a longer/shoulder-length bob wig. Or even with a longer style like this Swiss lace exotic brown wig just waiting to help you say hello and Merry Christmas. 


10. Simple, sexy waves 

Brushed-out waves may be the thing for holiday hairstyles, but who’s got time for that on Christmas morning? I didn’t think so. So, how do you get the look without the fuss? Try this black wig with caramel blonde highlights. This lovely, long lady is already nicely curled for those exquisite waves, and you’ll have all eyes on you with even less work. You can wear her with a middle part like what is shown in the pic or add a stylish headband to accentuate the look. 

These hairstyles (and wigs) are in no way limited to just Christmas. These glamorous Christmas morning hairstyles are just a starting point for absolutely stunning hairstyles year-round. And trust us when we say you’ll be spending more time on your make-up than your hair this Christmas when you choose one of these stunning holiday hairstyles. 

So, go ahead. Shop these lovely holiday looks with Hairvivi HD lace wigs and see first-hand what all those raving reviews mean.

December 15, 2022


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